What to do with old horse show ribbons

How do you store horse ribbons?

After two layers, add a piece of cardboard that is cut to the shape of your storage container. Then add a layer a tissue paper, more ribbons, more tissue, and another layer of cardboard. This will help keep your horse show ribbons flat and fresh.

What do you do with dog show ribbons?

Recycling Dog Show Ribbons

So you want to do something special with them. You can always put them in a display box or hang them on a wall (BORING!!!). I personally keep mine in a box where no one can see them, waiting for the perfect idea to come along!

How do you make a quilt out of horse ribbons?

  1. Step 1 – Cut your fabric, hack apart and sort your ribbons.
  2. Step 2 – Pin your design onto the fabric.
  3. Step 4 – Sew Ribbons onto the Fabric (and oh my god step 4 takes FOREVER)
  4. Step 5 (the easy step) – Hot Glue on your Rosettes.
  5. And voila! You’re done.

What does a green ribbon mean on a horse?

GREEN: A green ribbon means that the horse is inexperienced and may misbehave. This colour ribbon is suitable for young horses or those that are generally spooky. If you encounter a horse with a green ribbon in its tail then give it quite a wide berth and space. It may be nervous, so just be careful.

How do you display rosettes?

Take fittings off the back of rosettes. Arrange in a nice display on one sheet & when you have them where you want secure ( I use a hot glue gun on rosette, allow to cool slightly & press into place. Place other sheet on top use clear sealant to adhere both sheets (will come apert so you can change display.

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