What is the song dark horse about

What is the meaning of Katy Perry’s song Dark Horse?

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” is a love song with a couple of twists. First off Katy depicts herself more or less as a witch. And secondly, her lyrics are not so much focused on her being in love. In fact she makes it pretty clear that it is the guy rather who has approached her.

Is Dark Horse about Taylor Swift?

Katy Perry Has Completely Dissed Taylor Swift With Her New Perfume. The ‘Dark Horse’ singer, Katy Perry, has put her name to a few fragrances in the past, and none have been controversial.

What song is dark horse copied from?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A jury on Monday found that Katy Perry’s 2013 hit “Dark Horse” improperly copied a 2009 Christian rap song in a unanimous decision that represented a rare takedown of a pop superstar and her elite producer by a relatively unknown artist.

What happened to Katy Perry dark horse?

A federal judge tossed a $2.8 million verdict in favor of a Christian rap artist who claimed that the pop star’s hit had stolen from one of his songs.

How much did Katy Perry make from dark horse?

Testimony about the costs began Wednesday. A nine person jury unanimously decided Monday that “Dark Horse” improperly copied the 2009 Christian rap song “Joyful Noise.” An agreement entered in court Tuesday states that Perry earned $3.2 million from “Dark Horse,” while incurring $800,000 in costs.

What does it mean to call someone a dark horse?

1a : a usually little known contender (such as a racehorse) that makes an unexpectedly good showing. b : an entrant in a contest that is judged unlikely to succeed. 2 : a political candidate unexpectedly nominated usually as a compromise between factions.

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Did Katy Perry copy dark horse?

(CNN) Katy Perry’s 2013 song “Dark Horse” was copied in part from “Joyful Noise,” a song by Christian rap artist Flame, a Los Angeles jury decided Monday, according court filings obtained by CNN.

Did Katy Perry steal dark horse?

A jury unanimously ruled that Katy Perry’s 2013 hit single “Dark Horse” improperly copied Christian rapper Flame’s 2009 song “Joyful Noise.” The nine-member federal jury in a Los Angeles determined that Perry and her co-writers and producers will owe unspecified damages for copyright infringement.

Who sang dark horse?

Katy Perry

Is Dark Horse copyrighted?

In July last year, a Los Angeles jury decided that Perry’s hit Dark Horse infringed the copyright of 2008’s Joyful Noise – a song by Christian rapper Flame (aka Marcus Gray), with Perry, Capitol Records and her collaborators ordered to pay a total of $2.8m. … Perry, Capitol et al.

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