What is black horse and a cherry tree about

Who sang black horse and a cherry tree on American Idol?

Katharine McPhee

What key is black horse and a cherry tree in?


Where does KT Tunstall come from?

Эдинбург, Великобритания

What does the black horse mean?

The third Horseman rides a black horse and is popularly understood to be Famine as the Horseman carries a pair of balances or weighing scales (Greek ζυγὸν, zygon), indicating the way that bread would have been weighed during a famine.

Is KT Tunstall Scottish?

Kate Victoria “KT” Tunstall (born 23 June 1975) is a Scottish singer-songwriter and musician. She first gained attention with a 2004 live solo performance of her song “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” on Later…

What age is David Foster?

70 years (November 1, 1949)

Who beat Katharine?

Taylor Hicks

How old is Katie Tunstall?

45 years (June 23, 1975)

Who is KT Tunstall married to?

Luke Bullenm. 2008–2013

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