What is .Co?

What does.CO mean in a Web address?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In a number of countries,. co (an abbreviation of commercial) is used as a second-level domain in the Domain Name System used to route internet traffic. Domain registrants register second-level domains of the form.

Is a.CO Domain good?

co domain extension was launched by GoDaddy to be an alternative to.com domain extensions. It’s an excellent alternative to the.com and is primarily used by bloggers and web developers as a direct alternative to a.com. So if you’ve been looking to start a blog, a. co is a good choice.

Is.com or.co better?

While it’s possible to rank well for a. co address with good search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll never outrank the same domain name at a.com address. co vs.com SEO isn’t as thorough. This legacy.com domain name extension is better overall for business and marketing purposes because it’s just more familiar.

What does.CO indicate?

It’s the acronym for ” company “. For most people1, the two letters – CO – are recognized as meaning company and/or corporation across the globe. Look around and someone near you is already using the letters CO in that context. It’s used in country-code domain extensions.

Who uses.CO domain?


Introduced 1991
Actual use Alternative to.com This domain is also widely used in Colombia. Sometimes used in typosquatting due to misspellings of.com domains
Registered domains 2,018,450 (2016)Cira.ca (Canadian ccTLD registry 2016 report – top 20 ccTLDs
Registration restrictions None

How do I get a.co domain?

Launch Your Idea on a. CO Domain. Find Your. CO. Search for an available domain name. Checkout. Register your domain name with one of our trusted retailers. We’ve partnered with the best world-wide! Join The Community. Add your new. CO domain name to our growing community of domain name innovators around the globe.

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Which domain is best?

We always recommend choosing a.com domain name. While it can be tempting to come up with clever blog names using new extensions,.com is still the most established and credible domain name extension. Newer domain extensions like.

Which domain extension is best?

This is the primary reason why, when you’re discussing top-level domain extensions,.com is always going to be the winner. The.com TLD, standing for “commercial” as opposed to educational (. edu), governmental (. gov ), or what have you, is the default for many, many people.

Which TLD is best for SEO?

Most SEO experts recommend the ‘.com’ TLD because most — if not all — users are familiar with it.

What do I do if my domain name is taken?

What to Do If the Domain Name You Want Is Taken Use. net,. Change the Name Slightly. A domain name is reported as not available only if the exact name is already taken. Buy the Name. Domain names are bought, sold and auctioned like any other property. Assert Your Rights If You Already Own the Trademark.

Why is.co more expensive?

co domain extension is more expensive than the.com, but they are both very affordable. The reason for the higher price is to deter domain name buyers from purchasing domains with the. co extension in bulk and not using them. This has become a problem with.com domain names and the higher price helps to make more.

Can you put CO in your business name?

Your new business name must have the words “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company ” or the abbreviations “LLC,” “L.L.C.,” “LC” or “L.C.” at the end. The word “Limited” may be abbreviated as “Ltd.” and the word “ Company ” may be abbreviated as “ Co.

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What does C O mean in legal terms?

” C / O ” means “in care of”.

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