What is a kuudere?

What is a Kuudere and Dandere?

A Dandere will more or less act like a normal person, but will not talk unless spoken or required to. The difference between a Dandere and a Kuudere is that a dandere character may be nervous inside (not cool) but even so will prefer to stay silent, and a kuudere character can speak while still keeping their cool.

What is a Mayadere?

A Mayadere refers to a character who is often a dangerous antagonist of a series but switches sides after falling in love or after getting fond of another character, usually the protagonist or someone in the hero team.

What is Dandere?

The “dan” in dandere comes from the Japanese word “danmari” (黙り) meaning silence. Thus a dandere is a quiet and often antisocial character. Danderes often want to be sociable but are too scared or too embarrassed to talk.

What is a Dandere girl?

A dandere comes from “danmari” which means silent and taciturn, and “dere” as in love-struck, as in “yandere” and “tsundere”. So a dandere is a character who acts shy and hesitant. They have a Love Interest whom they act especially shy around (at first anyway), who eventually helps them overcome their shyness.

What dere is sayori?

Everyone can be classified into a certain ‘ dere ‘ type. Yuri is a Dandere and a Yandere. Natsuki is a Tsundere. Sayori is a Deredere.

Is senjougahara a Yandere?

Senjougahara resembles a tsundere with her reserved behaviour, borders on being a yandere when she displays her sadistic side, destroying Araragi verbally (she definitely won’t mind making all of “killing Araragi” talks a reality) and her cold and cynical nature would put her in a spectrum of characters that are

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What is a Tsunshun?

Tsunshun (Tag Name: ツンしゅん or ツンシュン) is a character archetype that describes a character acting hostile first, then later feeling depressed when alone.

What type of girl is Hinata?

Best example of a dandere girl is Hyuuga Hinata from Naruto. Dandere girlfriends might take a while – or even forever – to not be shy around their person of affection. But they are genuine and absolutely selflessly caring toward their partners.

Is REM a tsundere?

Rem is introduced in Re:Zero’s second arc, the Butler Arc, where the protagonist, Subaru, becomes a butler. Rem and Ram are twin sisters, and are initially very cold towards Subaru, falling vaguely in the tsundere character archetype. This is so extreme a variant of tsundere, her tsuntsun is literally homicidal.

Who is the best girl in anime?

The Most “Favored” Anime Girls, According To MAL (In Ranking Order): Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan) Yuno Gasai (Future Diary) Taiga Aisaka ( Toradora ) Senjougahara Hitagi ( Monogatari ) Saber (Fate Stay Night/Fate Zero) Holo The Wise Wolf (Spice & Wolf) Shinobu ( Monogatari ) Asuna Yuuki ( Sword Art Online )

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