Readers ask: What is a tumbler?

What is a tumbler used for?

What is a Tumbler? Tumbler cups are traditionally used for cold drinks like lemonade, iced teas, smoothies, and summer cocktails. They are usually made from plastic or metal. A double-walled stainless steel tumbler, like the FLASKE Tumbler, will insulate both hot and cold beverages.

What does tumbler mean?

countable noun. A tumbler is a drinking glass with straight sides. He took a tumbler from a cupboard. The contents of a tumbler can be referred to as a tumbler of something.

What is the difference between a cup and a tumbler?

As nouns the difference between cup and tumbler is that cup is a concave vessel for drinking from, usually made of opaque material (as opposed to a glass) and with a handle while tumbler is one who tumbles; one who plays tricks by various motions of the body; an acrobat.

What do you drink out of a tumbler?

Traditionally, tumblers are for cold drinks but many stainless steel tumblers have a double-wall that insulates for both hot and cold beverages. Cold beverages: Iced tea. Iced coffee. Lemonade. Fruit-infused water. Water. Fruit juice. Smoothies. Wine.

Can you put coffee in a tumbler?

Yes, you can put coffee in a Yeti tumbler or bottle. Coffee is not very acidic and the stainless steel shouldn’t react or change the flavor, but some people claim it does. Yeti cups can keep coffee hot for 4-6 hours or keep iced coffee cold for 6-12 hours.

Is Starbucks tumbler safe for hot drinks?

Tumblers are perfect for both hot and cold drinks. They help to keep the drink at its original temperature for longer periods of time, but Starbucks tumblers are not designed for use in the microwave. If you have had success using a Starbucks tumbler in the microwave, then no harm no foul.

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Why do they call it a tumbler?

The name ” tumbler ” is traced to the mid-17th century. Originally, the term referred to a type of cup, usually metal, with a round bottom. When placed on a table, these cups would roll — or tumble — spilling the drink of anyone who put the cup down with a drink on it.

What is the synonym of Tumbler?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tumbler, like: cup, mug, glass, trampolinist, bottle, jug, decanter, shot-glass, the bottle, flask and jar.

Is tumbler in English word?

noun. 1A drinking glass with straight sides and no handle or stem. ‘He pauses to pour ice water into a clear glass tumbler, and drinks from it heartily.

How many shots are in a tumbler?

THE FUN BUTTON – Every press dispenses (½) shot of liquor into your tumbler for a perfectly mixed cocktail. That’s right, we gave the world a button for alcohol.

Why is tumbler not made with a piece of cloth?

A tumbler is not made with a piece of cloth because we generally use a tumbler to keep a liquid. So, for a tumbler, we need glass, plastics, metals or other such materials that will hold water.

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