Readers ask: What is a hemisphere?

What hemisphere means?

1: one of the halves of the earth as divided by the equator or by a meridian. 2: a half of a sphere. 3: either the left or the right half of the cerebrum.

What is hemisphere answer?

A hemisphere is half of a sphere. The term is most commonly used when referring to the Earth’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

What is a hemisphere kid definition?

A hemisphere is half of a sphere, or ball. People use the word to describe one half of Earth. Geographers, or people who study Earth, have divided the planet into two sets of two hemispheres. These are the Northern and Southern hemispheres and the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

What is a hemisphere in math?

more In geometry it is an exact half of a sphere. It also refers to half of the Earth, such as the “Northern Hemisphere ” (that part of the Earth north of the equator), or “Western Hemisphere ” (the half of the Earth west of a line running from the North Pole through England to the South Pole, includes the Americas)

What are the 4 hemispheres?

Any circle drawn around the Earth divides it into two equal halves called hemispheres. There are generally considered to be four hemispheres: Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. The Equator, or line of 0 degrees latitude, divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

What is hemisphere simple words?

A hemisphere is half of a sphere. Hemisphere comes from the Greek, and combines the prefix hemi-, for “half,” with sphere, or “perfectly round ball.” We talk about the earth as divided at the equator into the northern and southern hemispheres (or divided at the prime meridian into eastern and western hemispheres ).

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What are the 7 continents and their hemispheres?

Terms in this set (7) North America. Definition. Continent in the Northern & Western Hemisphere. South America. Definition. Continent in the Southern & Western Hemisphere. Africa. Definition. Australia. Definition. Asia. Definition. Europe. Definition. Antarctica. Definition.

What is another word for hemisphere?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hemisphere, like: half of the globe, celestial-sphere, eastern- hemisphere, southern- hemisphere, cerebral- hemisphere, northern- hemisphere, region, earth, western- hemisphere, Scrub-Flycatcher and Bentbill.

What is an example of Hemisphere?

Hemisphere is defined as half of the world, globe or brain. An example of hemisphere is the southern part of the world. An example of hemisphere is the left side of the brain. Either the northern or southern half of the earth as divided by the equator or the eastern or western half as divided by a meridian.

What hemisphere do we live in?

What hemispheres do we live in? We live in North America, so we live in the Northern and Western Hemispheres.

What is meant by southern hemisphere?

The Southern Hemisphere is the half ( hemisphere ) of Earth that is south of the Equator. Its surface is 80.9% water, compared with 60.7% water in the case of the Northern Hemisphere, and it contains 32.7% of Earth’s land.

What are the characteristics of a hemisphere?

Let’s review. Hemispheres are all around us. In math, a hemisphere is defined as a three-dimensional shape that’s half of a sphere with one flat, circular side. A sphere, on the other hand, is a nearly perfectly round three-dimensional shape.

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Does a hemisphere have faces?

A hemisphere is half of a sphere and contains 1 edge. ( one circular edge ) and 1 face. It contains no vertice.

What is hemisphere formula?

The sphere volume equation can be found in our sphere volume calculator. It is expressed in terms of the radius: V(sphere) = 4/3 * π * r³. Therefore, the volume of a hemisphere formula is as follows: V = 2/3 * π * r³.

Why is it called Hemisphere?

In geography and cartography, the hemispheres of Earth refer to any division of the globe into two hemispheres (from Ancient Greek ἡμισφαίριον hēmisphairion, meaning “half of a sphere”). The East–West division can also be seen in a cultural and religious sense, as a division into two cultural and religious hemispheres.

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