Readers ask: What does valid mean?

Does valid mean good?

sound; just; well -founded: a valid reason. legally sound, effective, or binding; having legal force: a valid contract.

Does valid mean yes or no?

The definition of valid is something effective, legally binding or able to withstand objection. An example of valid is a driver’s license that hasn’t expired. An example of valid is someone giving evidence that proves an argument.

What does valid mean in a text?

Acceptable, proper or correct. Etymology: From valide. valid (Adjective) Related to the current topic, or presented within context, relevant.

What does it mean if someone calls you valid?

Usually, when people use the word ” valid ” in that sense, they mean that it’s in some sense normal, or understandable. That there’s a natural cause or explanation for whatever they’re claiming is ” valid ” that they believe is true. This use of the word is not a precise, formal or technical use.

What is another word for valid?

Some common synonyms of valid are cogent, convincing, sound, and telling. While all these words mean “having such force as to compel serious attention and usually acceptance,” valid implies being supported by objective truth or generally accepted authority.

What’s a valid reason?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English valid reason /argument/criticism etca reason, argument etc that is based on what is reasonable or sensible Police officers must have a valid reason for stopping motorists. No serious thinker can make a valid argument that to discriminate based on species is acceptable.

What is YES in Old English?

The English word ‘ yes ‘ is thought to come from the Old English word ‘gēse’, meaning ‘may it be so’, and can be traced back to earlier than the 12th century. In the centuries since, lots of alternatives to the word ‘ yes ‘ have sprung up in the English language, and there are no many meanings for the word ‘ yes ‘ too.

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What are different ways to say yes?

Polite Ways to Say Yes in English Yeah, sure. Here you go. No problem! I’m always happy to help. Yep! I will be right there. (Yep is another informal way to say yes like yeah.) Yeah, I’d be happy to! Cool. ( Yes, cool can really be used to say yes or to show agreement.) You got it. Okay.

Who invented the word no?

Mark Lanzarotta, Have studied it over 50 years. When a young Australopithecus was about to pick up a hornet’s nest in 1,000,000 BC, his uncle slapped his hairy knuckles and snarled “Ngangh!”, then pantomimed getting stung multiple times. “Ngangh,” the youngster muttered to himself.

What does Vail mean?

Definition of ‘ vail ‘ 1. to lower; let sink or fall down. 2. to take off or tip (one’s hat, etc.) as a sign of respect or submission.

What’s another word for not valid?

What is another word for not valid?

inoperative invalid
nugatory null and void
illegitimate improper
inapplicable unacceptable
unenforceable legally void

What does thurl mean in Chicago?

: the hip joint in cattle — see cow illustration.

What Does not valid mean?

(Entry 1 of 4): not valid: a: being without foundation or force in fact, truth, or law an invalid assumption declared the will invalid.

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