Quick Answer: What is a kitsune?

Is a Kitsune a demon?

Kitsune are believed to possess superior intelligence, long life, and magical powers. They are a type of yōkai. The word kitsune is sometimes translated as ‘fox spirit’, which is actually a broader folkloric category.

What are the 13 types of Kitsune?

There are thirteen types of Kitsune in Japanese mythology. Tengoku (Heaven, Celestial, Light, Prime ) Kukan (Void or Dark) Kaze (Wind) Seishin (Spirit) Kasai (Fire) Chikyu (Earth) Kawa (River) Umi (Ocean, Sea)

How are Kitsune born?

Whenever a kitsune is born, they are born under a tree. That tree becomes the kitsune’s tree, which they sometimes call their Birth Tree or Tree-Kin. A tree may still succumb to Taint, though, and a kitsune attached to a Tainted tree will become ill as if they were standing next to the tree and the Taint.

What is a Kitsune weakness?

Weaknesses: Kitsune don’t accept help easily, if separated from their clan they tend to be loners. Also, if someone takes hold of their Kitsune Ball, then they can get the kitsune to promise to help them, and kitsune almost never break their promises.

Can a Kitsune die?

Invulnerability: Kitsune are invulnerable to any form of harm. They can only die if they’re stabbed in the heart, or starvation. Longevity: Kitsune have an extended life span. Some have been know to be as old as 900 years of age.

Can a Kitsune fly?

Kitsune have many powers: They can generate fox-fire ( kitsune -bi) in their tails to mislead travellers, can fly, become invisible, appear at will in dreams, create illusions, and drain the life-force from humans.

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What kills a Kitsune?

The only way to kill a kitsune is to cut off all of its tails, as it is said that one of the tails is its main tail and the source of all its power. Not knowing which tail is the main one, one would have to cut off all its tails to kill it. One, five, seven, and nine tails are the most common numbers in folk stories.

Is Naruto a Kitsune?

The spirit of a kyūbi no kitsune, called the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, was sealed within Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of anime/manga Naruto. In Rurouni Kenshin, Takani Megumi is nicknamed ” Kitsune ” and even portrayed as one in some episodes by Goro Fujita (Hajime Saitou).

Are Kitsune male or female?

Kitsune can be either male or female. Usually, a mythical Japanese fox takes the form of young Japanese girls, beautiful women, and older men. In fact, there are many tales of Japanese kitsune transforming into beautiful women to trap powerful men.

What is your Kitsune name?

Baby names like Kitsune♡:

Boys Names Girls Names Boys or Girls
Jiro + ♡ Azula + ♡ Kotori + ♡
Takashi + ♡ Nala + ♡ Naoto + ♡
Ryder + ♡ Primrose + ♡ Hisoka + ♡
Nikko + ♡ Haruhi + ♡ Kohana + ♡

Where are Kitsune found?

Foxes, or kitsune, are found all across Japan, and are identical to wild foxes found elsewhere in the world, apart from their incredible magical powers. Their cute faces and small size make them particularly loved by most people. Kitsune yokai, however, often have many tails. They can also be portrayed as bipedal.

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Can Kitsune Teleport?

Pyroportation: Kitsune are able to teleport via fire and fire-like sources.

What does a Kitsune eat?

Other kitsune have characteristics reminiscent of vampires or succubi and feed on the life or spirit of human beings, generally through sexual contact.

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