Quick Answer: What does reduce mean?

What is reduce and example?

To reduce is to make something smaller or to become or feel smaller, or forcing someone into a less desirable position. When you sell off half of your doll collection, your actions are an example of reduce. An example of reduce is when your stomach gets smaller because you are on a diet; your stomach reduces.

What does Reducting mean?

1: reduce. 2 dialectal: deduct you can reduct it from my wages— A. E. Coppard.

Does reduce mean increase?

The difference between Increase and Reduce. When used as verbs, increase means (of a quantity, etc.) to become larger or greater, whereas reduce means to bring down the size, quantity, quality, value or intensity of something. Increase is also noun with the meaning: an amount by which a quantity is increased.

What is called Reduce?

Reduction is a chemical reaction that involves the gaining of electrons by one of the atoms involved in the reaction between two chemicals. The term refers to the element that accepts electrons, as the oxidation state of the element that gains electrons is lowered.

What are examples of reuse?

One example of conventional reuse is the doorstep delivery of milk in glass bottles; other examples include the retreading of tires and the use of returnable/reusable plastic boxes, shipping containers, instead of single-use corrugated fiberboard boxes.

What are things that can be reduced?

Reduce your hot water use and save money and energy. Use an Energy Star rated dishwasher to save more water once your old one junks out. Reduce our dependence on foreign oil by walking or biking to work once in a while. Reduce the amount of food that spoils in your fridge.

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What does redaction mean?

1: to put in writing: frame. 2: to select or adapt (as by obscuring or removing sensitive information) for publication or release broadly: edit. 3: to obscure or remove (text) from a document prior to publication or release.

What mean increase?

To increase is to become greater or more in number, amount, size, or in some other way, as in Our profits will increase as demand increases. It can also refer to the amount by which something has increased, as in The increase was $5,000 per year.

Is reduce and decrease the same?

” reduce ” has connotations of reducing size, whereas ” decrease ” has connotations of reducing number, but those are connotations, not meaning, and they can be used interchangably in most circumstances.

What is the difference between decrease and increase?

When used as nouns, decrease means an amount by which a quantity is decreased, whereas increase means an amount by which a quantity is increased. When used as verbs, decrease means of a quantity, to become smaller, whereas increase means (of a quantity, etc.) to become larger or greater.

What is meant by reducing agent?

A reducing agent (also called a reductant or reducer) is an element or compound that loses (or “donates”) an electron to an electron recipient (oxidizing agent ) in a redox chemical reaction. A reducing agent is thus oxidized when it loses electrons in the redox reaction.

What is reduce in math?

In mathematics, reduction refers to the rewriting of an expression into a simpler form. For example, the process of rewriting a fraction into one with the smallest whole-number denominator possible (while keeping the numerator a whole number) is called ” reducing a fraction”.

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What is 3r principle?

The principle of reducing waste, reusing and recycling resources and products is often called the ” 3Rs.” Reducing means choosing to use things with care to reduce the amount of waste generated. Reusing involves the repeated use of items or parts of items which still have usable aspects.

How can I reduce my 3Rs?

Sell old clothes, appliances, toys, and furniture in garage sales or ads, or donate them to charities. Use reseal able containers rather than plastic wrap. Use a ceramic coffee mug instead of paper cups. Reuse grocery bags or bring your own cloth bags to the store.

What is the importance of reduce?

“ Reduce ” refers to the reduction of waste during production processes such as manufacturing. “Reuse” also helps reduce waste by using items multiple times before discarding them, if at all. To “recycle” means to take a used material and remanufacture it to sell new.

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