Quick Answer: What does punta mean in spanish?

What does Punto mean in Spanish bad word?

” Punto ” means either point or period, nothing ” bad “. You may be thinking of another word which has one letter less. but we’re not allowed to write it here in this Forum.

What does Bobo mean in Spanish slang?

crazy, stupid, silly, or weird. From the Spanish word ” bobo,” meaning “foolish” or “fool.” She’s so bobo. See more words with the same meaning: crazy, insane, weird, strange.

What is the word Punta?

punta sustantivo tip, end; point (of a weapon or pencil); point, headland; bunch, lot.

What does Chata mean in Spanish slang?

Spanish: Chato/ chata. Type: Slang. Meaning: a person with a small or snub nose, usually used as an affectionate nickname.

Is Punta a bad word?

7 Answers. No, punto is a general point, and punta is the tip (of a knife etc) and not the word that is “worse than the b word ” and even that word has it’s uses.

Why is leche a bad word?

Leche, alternatively “Letse”, is used as an expression of annoyance or anger. Leche or letse (Spanish for “milk”) is derived from the Spanish profanity “Me cago en la leche,” which literally translates to “I defecate in the milk” where leche is a euphemism for ley (“law”), referring to the Law of Moses.

Is Bobo a name?

African Baby Names Meaning: In African Baby Names the meaning of the name Bobo is: Ghanian name given to a child born on Tuesday.

What is tangina?

Tang ina is from Putang ina which literally means “a prostitute/whore mother”. This is a common expression/curse, and whoever says this only meant to say “F ck!!”.

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What does Bendejo mean in Spanish?

You’re no pendejo for not knowing what this word means. It’s a mildly vulgar insult for “asshole” or “idiot” in Spanish.

What does Mehow mean in Spanish?

These are terms of endearment, generally for your kids and young people, but can be used between spouses. Mija is for talking about females and mijo is for males. updated Mar 7, 2011.

What does chica mean in Spanish slang?

The definition of chica is a Spanish word that means a female friend or girl.

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