Question: What comes after quadruple?

What is the word for 11 times?

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Coefficient Noun Result
9 nonuple nonuplet
10 decuple decuplet
11 undecuple hendecuple undecuplet hendecuplet
12 duodecuple duodecuplet

What is higher than octuple?

English translation: 2 = double, 3 = triple, 4 = quadruple, 5 = quintuple, 6 = sextuple, 7 = septuple, 8 = octuple.

What comes after Nonuple?

“ Nonuple ” serves as the ninth, “decuple” the tenth. After those entries, eleventh through twentieth exist as “undecuple”, “duodecuple”, “tredecuple”, “quattuordecuple”, “quindecuple”, “sexdecuple”, “septendecuple”, “octodecuple”, “novemdecuple”, and “viguple”.

What is an ordered n tuple?

The ordered n – tuple (a1,a2,…an) is the ordered collection that has a1 as its first element, a2 as its second element… And an as its nth element. 2- tuples are called ordered pairs. Cartesian Product of A and B. Let A and B be sets.

What’s the word for 10 times?

Synonyms for ten times in English tenfold; ten times.

Why is the number 11 special?

The number 11 is a Master Number which means that it resonates at an extremely high vibration. Angel number 11 represents a transmutation of your personal power to a higher, more spiritual level. Master Number 11 is associated with spiritual illumination and our ‘inner teacher.

What is the word for 12 times?

The usual ordinal form is “twelfth” but “dozenth” or “duodecimal” (from the Latin word ) is also used in some contexts, particularly base- 12 numeration. Similarly, a group of twelve things is usually a “dozen” but may also be referred to as a “dodecad” or “duodecad”.

How much is Pentuple?

fivefold; consisting of five parts. five times as great or as much.

What does quadruple mean?

transitive verb.: to make four times as great or as many. intransitive verb.: to become four times as great or as numerous. quadruple.

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What is the word for seven times?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1: consisting of seven: being seven times as great or as many: sevenfold.

What is the word for 8 times?

eightfold; eight times as great.

What is the word for 9 times?

adj. Ninefold. Noncuple to: nine times as great as.

What is a 3 tuple?

A 1‑ tuple is called a single (or singleton), a 2‑ tuple is called an ordered pair or couple, and a 3 ‑ tuple is called a triple (or triplet). The number n can be any nonnegative integer.

What is a 5 tuple?

A 5 – tuple refers to a set of five different values that comprise a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) connection. It includes a source IP address/port number, destination IP address/port number and the protocol in use.

Are tuples ordered?

A tuple is a data structure that is an immutable, or unchangeable, ordered sequence of elements. Because tuples are immutable, their values cannot be modified. Each element or value that is inside of a tuple is called an item. Tuples have values between parentheses ( ) separated by commas,.

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