Often asked: What does active under contract mean?

Can you make an offer on a house that is active under contract?

If a house is under contract, can I still make an offer? Yes, you may make an offer. However, the seller cannot accept your offer unless there is a breach of the current contract to which they are a party.

What is the difference between pending and active under contract?

Louis, Mo., active under contract means the seller can continue to show the property and accept back-up offers from other buyers. A pending status prohibits additional showings and offers, but there may still be outstanding contingencies.

What does it mean when a house is active under contract?

When a listing is in Active Under Contract, that property is under contract, but is still accepting showings and being actively marketed. This property is currently under contract and is pending settlement.

What is the difference between active and pending?

Active means that the home is currently available for sale, whereas pending means the home is under contract for purchase.

Can a house under contract still be shown?

A home can still be shown, even if you have a contract signed by the seller. If inspections, the appraisal and your mortgage approval go as planned, the home is as good as yours because you’re under contract. However, a seller can ‘t cancel on you simply because they receive a better offer.

Can a seller accept another offer while under contract?

” Although this will cause some pushback and sometimes isn’t looked at as the most ethical, a seller can legally still accept any other offer up until attorney review conclude as the deal isn’t officially under contract.” For the most part, though, buyers more commonly back out of contracts rather than sellers.

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Does under contract mean sold?

A: ” Under Contract ” means that the sellers have accepted an offer from a buyer, but that the sale has not yet been completed. Typically it takes 30-45 days from the date an offer is accepted until the sales contract “closes” and the sale is complete.

Can a seller back out of a contingent offer?

The contract has yet to be signed – If the contract hasn’t been officially signed, a seller can back out of the deal at any time without any issues. For example, there might be a contingency that the seller first has to find a new place to live before the home can be sold.

What happens after house is under contract?

If your house is under contract, it means you’ve accepted an offer (congrats!) and signed a purchase agreement with a buyer. This agreement locks in the sale price, any personal property that stays or goes (washers and dryers for example), and the closing date when your buyer will take possession of the home.

How can you tell if a house is under contract?

Step 1. Drive past the house, if possible, and check the sign in the front yard. Look for a “sale pending” rider attached to the sign. You might also see “ under contract ” or “ contract pending.” These riders all mean that the seller has received an offer that’s pending on the house.

Why would a house be pending for so long?

Reasons why pending offers can take longer Those include things like inspections, or a delay with the survey, appraisal, or even the homeowner insurance.

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What does active pending call mean?

A listing status of Active – Pending – Call means the seller has accepted an offer and the property is “in escrow”. The ” Call ” status sometimes indicates an anticipated problem with the escrow and interested buyers should call their agent to find out if the property may “fall out of escrow”.

What does active offer show mean?

” Active ” means the property does not have an accepted offer. ” Offer – show ” means the property has an accepted offer, but the seller is still allowing showings until all of the contingencies in the offer to purchase have been cleared.

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