FAQ: What does implication mean?

What is an example of an implication?

The definition of implication is something that is inferred. An example of implication is the policeman connecting a person to a crime even though there is no evidence. An implicating or being implicated.

How do you use the word implications?

Implication in a Sentence Cheryl’s hiding of her report card gave me the implication she had failed at least one of her classes. When I saw the maître d’ staring at my jeans and tee shirt, I knew he was making an implication about my ability to afford a five-star meal.

What is another word for implications?

In this page you can discover 59 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for implication, like: indication, union, consequence, meaning, implications, entail, repercussion, consideration, relationship, undertone and assumption.

What does implication mean in social work?

Implications for practice involve discussing what your findings might mean for individuals who work in your field of study. Implications for practice also involve discussing how information from your study might be delivered to practitioners.

What is the difference between implication and application?

Answer. As nouns the difference between implication and application is that implication is (uncountable) the act of implicating while application is the act of applying or laying on, in a literal sense; as, the application of emollients to a diseased limb.

What do you mean by educational implications?

The educational implication of Piaget’s theory is the adaptation of instruction to the learner’s development level. It is important that the content of instruction needs to be consistent with the developmental level of the learner.

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Is an implication good or bad?

implication Add to list Share. An implication is something that is suggested, or happens, indirectly. You might ask, “What are the implications of our decision?” Implication is also the state of being implicated, or connected to something bad: “Are you surprised by their implication that you were involved in the crime?

Can implications be positive?

Implications means outcomes. They can be either negative or positive.

What does implication mean in logic?

Implication (also known as logical consequence, implies, or If then) is a logical operation. It is the relationship between statements that holds true when one logically “follows from” one or more others.

Is impact and implications the same?

As nouns the difference between impact and implication is that impact is the striking of one body against another; collision while implication is (uncountable) the act of implicating.

What is the opposite of implication?

Opposite of the general idea, intention or meaning of something. cause. exterior. exteriority. insignificance.

What’s the meaning of innuendo?

1a: an oblique allusion: hint, insinuation especially: a veiled or equivocal reflection on character or reputation. b: the use of such allusions resorting to innuendo. 2: a parenthetical explanation introduced into the text of a legal document.

How do you write a research implication?

The implications of your research will derive from why it was important to conduct your study and how will it impact future research in your field. You should base your implications on how previous similar studies have advanced your field and how your study can add to that.

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What is practical implication?

Practical implication is the reality that would occur if certain conditions are fulfilled. An instance is, when analysts conduct behavioral experiments, the reliability of the data they collect would have practical implications on how clinicians accurately determine the effectiveness of specific behavioral remedies.

What is analysis implication?

After a brief review of these obstacles, we describe a set of procedures for using empirical data to rigorously evaluate theories and hypotheses without resorting to the mimicking of hard science. We use the term “ Implication Analysis ” to describe our efforts to review and improve current procedures.

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