When does rdr2 take place?

What years does RDR2 take place?

The second Red Dead Redemption game starts in 1899, over a decade before the first game begins, and it mainly follows the adventures of Arthur Morgan, who, like John, became associated with the gang at a young age.

Is RDR2 set before or after rdr1?

One of the fun things about second games is that characters from the original often come back to visit, whether they be old, familiar friends or mortal enemies. Red Dead Redemption 2 is no different, even if it takes place ten years before the original.

Where does RDR2 take place in real life?

RDR2: Where Is New Austin in Real Life? One of the states from the original Red Dead Redemption, New Austin, has recognizable climate and wildlife that is clearly inspired by the southwestern United States.

What year is Red Dead 1 set in?

Red Dead Redemption is set during the decline of the American frontier in the year 1911 and follows John Marston, a former outlaw whose wife and son are taken hostage by the government in ransom for his services as a hired gun.

Is Jack Arthur’s son?

For much of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan acts as a father figure to John and Abigail Marston’s son Jack. Playing as Morgan, gamers have to take the boy on a series of bonding activities, including horseback riding and going fishing.

Is Red Harlow uncle?

Red Harlow isn’t Uncle because he is roughly the same age as John Marston in the games, Red Harlow was born like between 1860 to 1870 and Red Dead Revolver takes place around 1880’s likely in 1888 and so they couldn’t be the same person at all. The events of Red Dead Revolver happen sometime in the mid – late 1880’s.

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Will there be a rdr3?

Despite it likely being years away, Red Dead Redemption 3 is almost certainly going to happen at some point. Red Dead Redemption 2 is just too successful and adored to go without a follow-up. It’s also great to know that Dan Houser and Rockstar Games were already thinking of a third entry back in 2018.

How old is John RDR2?

That means John was 38 years old when he died in the original Red Dead Redemption. Since RDR2 begins in 1899, John would have been 26 years old during the game’s opening scenes.

Will there be a Red Dead 3?

Red Dead Redemption 3 and Incremental Development There’s no proof, of course, that there ever will be a Red Dead Redemption 3, but it’s unlikely Rockstar just abandons the Wild, Wild West. However, where an incremental approach works for games like GTA 6, it wouldn’t work for longform storytelling like RDR.

Is Sadie Adler in red dead one?

Sadie Adler is a recurring character in the Red Dead series; she appears as a central character in Red Dead Redemption 2, and as a stranger in Red Dead Online.

Is RDR2 based on a true story?

Although Red Dead Redemption 2 is based on the real American Wild West, many of the characters featured in the game are only fictional but not all of them. RDR2 acts as a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption and sheds light on who the Van der Linde gang was before they disbanded.

What city is strawberry based on RDR2?

Of these, the real- life town that most resembles that in the game is Strawberry, El Dorado County, California. It was founded in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range after the California Gold Rush and succeeded in becoming a popular resort town by the latter half of the nineteenth century.

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Is Arthur in Red Dead 1?

Most of what Arthur did was considered an action of the gang as a whole, not just him. Even in 1907, he’s barely mentioned at all, so history forgot about him. If RDR 1 did have any references to RDR 2, realistically speaking, Arthur wouldn’t actually be a likely choice.

Who killed John Marston?

Confirmed casualties. John Marston – Killed by a large firing squad consisting of U.S. Army soldiers, Lawmen and Edgar Ross himself in order to save his family and finally achieve redemption.

Who kills Micah Bell?

At the end of Red Dead Redemption 2, Dutch Van Der Linde kills Micah Bell. It’s not surprising, since Micah betrayed the Van Der Linde gang and got many people killed over the course of Red Dead Redemption 2’s story.

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