When did the last of us come out?

Will there ever be a last of us 3?

While some would certainly be against the idea of a follow-up to The Last of Us 2, it is worth noting that many felt the same way regarding a sequel to the original game. Based on the narrative decisions of the sequel, the setup for The Last of Us 3 is already in place as well.

When did the original last of us come out?

It was released on July 29, 2014 in North America.

How long did the last of us take to make?

Sony Computer Entertainment published The Last of Us on June 14, 2013, for PlayStation 3. The three-year development, led by studio Naughty Dog, was kept secret for the majority of development.

How Old Is Ellie in The Last of Us?

Ellie (Ashley Johnson) is a fourteen-year-old orphan and the other main playable character in the game, and one of the few characters to have never known life before the infection.

Why did Abby kill Joel?

Abby’s reason for killing Joel is directly related to him saving Ellie from the Fireflies at the end of The Last of Us. When he learns that they would have to kill Ellie in order to make a vaccine, Joel breaks into the operating room and saves Ellie, killing the doctors and nurses in the process.

Is Ellie pregnant in the last of us 2?

Another intriguing theory is that Ellie is in fact pregnant, and that the guitar she uses in the trailer is hiding a baby bump. This theory stems from the comic seen just below, that could be found in Uncharted 4, the latest release from Naughty Dog.

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How Old Is Ellie in The Last of Us 2?

In The Last of Us Part II, the player controls a 19-year- old Ellie as she seeks revenge on those responsible for Joel’s death.

Why is Ellie immune?

The infection caused Ellie as a fetus to be exposed to the cordyceps and this is the cause of her immunity.

Does Tommy die in the last of us?

Tommy is brutally shot during the same skirmish with Abby and is seemingly killed. It’s only once the game jumps forward in time following the theatre fight that players learn that Tommy is alive, albeit with some facial disfigurements including a missing eye.

Is Last of Us 2 open world?

Although The Last of Us 2 will not be a full on open world titte, we will be able to experience some open world -like parts in the game. This section of the game is limited though, so you will need to take care of what you would like to before continuing, as there will be no way to return once you leave.

How old is Joel?

Given Sarah’s age and the little factoid that Joel is in his late forties throughout The Last of Us’ main story, Joel is likely around 28 at this point.

How old is Joel in The Last of Us 2?

Basic Information

Name: Joel Miller
Age: Mid 50’s
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Jackson Patrol
Role: Secondary Character

Does Ellie hate Joel?

In the scene, Ellie’s feelings toward Joel begin to soften when he accepts her as a gay woman. “You’re such an a——,” she tells him, in a frustrated but loving tone. “She hated Joel so much for what he did [at the hospital], and yet was able to find a way to start forgiving him,” Druckmann says.

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Does Ellie kill Joel?

In The Last of Us Part II, Joel is killed by a woman named Abby, whose father he had killed, prompting Ellie to seek revenge on the latter and those that assisted her. Joel (The Last of Us)

Joel Miller
Nationality American

Does Ellie kill Abby?

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part 2 finished with a controversial ending in which Ellie decided not to kill Abby at the last moment, but for many players, the reason she did so remained perplexing and unclear.

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