When did star trek come out?

When was the original Star Trek?

Star Trek aired on NBC from September 8, 1966, to June 3, 1969, and was actually seen first on September 6, 1966, on Canada’s CTV network.

Why was Star Trek Cancelled?

Although the cast members were contracted for eight seasons, Paramount ended The Next Generation after seven, an unusual decision for a successful television show. Cancel this high cost show so fans will want movies and newer shows, which in turn will have a higher profit margin as well as drive the franchise forward.

Is Star Trek 2009 a prequel or a reboot?

This makes Star Trek 2009 a sequel and a prequel. Said mining ship launches an unprovoked attack on a Federation ship, creating an alternate timeline.

Is Star Trek discovery before Kirk?

The Star Trek TV shows have hopped around the timeline with joyous abandon, and Star Trek: Discovery season 1 kicked off in stardate 2255. That’s roughly a decade before the original series.

Why did Star Trek only last 3 seasons?

TOS ended because it wasn’t very popular by the third season, so it was cancelled. It wasn’t until the show began showing in syndication in the late 70s that it became more popular, culminating in the (to me, disappointing) Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

What was the longest running Star Trek series?

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted in 1987 and ran for 178 episodes over seven seasons until 1994, making it the longest running Star Trek series to date.

Will Worf be in Picard?

However, there is one character whose appearance still remains murky on Star Trek: Picard —Lt. Commander Worf (played by Michael Dorn). Dorn will not appear only for a cameo. The 68-year-old actor (as of December 9th) made it clear that he would only bring the character back if the part was a major one.

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Why did Wil Wheaton leave next generation?

Wil Wheaton was eyeing greener pastures when he left Star Trek: The Next Generation. Despite persistent rumors that Star Trek: The Next Generation’s creative team forced Wheaton off the show because fans didn’t like his precocious character, it’s become quite clear that the decision to leave TNG was Wheaton’s own.

How much did Patrick Stewart get paid for Star Trek?

Estimates indicate that the actor was paid $13 million. It’s just too that the film didn’t do well at the box office.

Is Star Trek 4 Cancelled?

Star Trek 4 (& Other Star Trek Movies) Are NOT Cancelled Says Paramount.

Which Star Trek movie made the most money?

As of March 2017, ” Star Trek: Insurrection”, the third installment in the film series, reached a gross of 70.19 million U.S. dollars in 2,677 cinemas across North America.

North America Worldwide
Star Trek 257.73 385.7
Star Trek Into Darkness 228.78 467.4
Star Trek Beyond 158.85 343.5
Star Trek: First Contact 92.03 146

Is Star Trek a reboot?

Star Trek is a 2009 American science fiction action film directed by J. J. It is the eleventh film in the Star Trek franchise, and is also a reboot that features the main characters of the original Star Trek television series portrayed by a new cast, as the first in the rebooted film series.

Why is warp 10 Impossible?

The real answer is this: Gene Roddenberry made a lot of arbitrary pronouncements in the first couple of years of TNG. Among them was setting Warp 10 as the maximum speed that could never be exceeded (even though it already had been in TOS). He wanted to avoid unlimited power escalation.

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Who is the most popular Star Trek character?

1. Jean-Luc Picard. There will always be debate on who is the greatest character in Star Trek history, although it’s fair to say Jean-Luc Picard is one of the few revered characters in the franchise who a bulk of supporters could get behind.

Why do Klingons look different in discovery?

The Klingons had already changed a lot since their first appearance in 1967, and people were pissed about Discovery giving them yet another new look. So for season 2, the show has decided to dial things back. Each Klingon redesign has a simple real-world explanation: better makeup and prosthetics.

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