What natural resource did the once-ler find?

What did the once ler find?

Biography. One day, the Once – ler discovers a valley was full of beautiful Truffula trees which the Bar-ba-Loots, Swommee Swans and Humming Fish inhabit. He decides to cut down one of the trees for his invention, the Thneed. When he chops down a Truffula Tree, he finds The Lorax in the tree trunk.

Did the once ler have feelings about the region and natural resource that he found?

Did the Once – ler have feelings about the region and natural resources that he found? Explain. He like them for what they could provide him. 5) The Once – ler used the land’s natural resources to start a business, which made and sold a product.

What technology did the once ler invent?

At the end of Act 1, we see the machine The Once-ler has invented to chop down trees very quickly – the Super Axe Hacker. The Super Axe Hacker looks like a giant motorcycle.

Did the once ler have real progress Why or why not?

Did the Once – ler have real progress? Why or why not? He did have real progress in the beginning because he was able to make thneeds at a fast rate while still having truffula trees for resources. But then when the truffula trees began to dwindle as a result of the pollution, the Once – ler had to shut down his business.

Is the once ler good or bad?

At the core of this tale is the Once – ler. He may be one of the good doctor’s most over-simplified characters. From the outside, he seems like a cut and dry villain. While he’s certainly no hero he’s more complex than any black and white analysis can capture.

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Is the once ler Ted’s dad?

In the Lorax film adaptation, the main character, Ted Wiggins, is shown to live with his mother and grandmother, but there is no mention of Ted’s father and/or grandfather in the entire movie.

Did the once ler have feelings about the region?

Did the Once – ler have feelings about the region and natural resources that he found? Explain. -No he didn’t. All he saw was the monetary value and stock market costs associatedwith the plants and animals.

How does the Lorax relate to the real world?

They take the wants (luxuries) more serious than their needs (necessities). The Lorax is a perfect example of people taking their wants and needs for granted. The world of the Lorax is very similar to the real world. Like our world, people in the Lorax were needy, selfish, and expectant of others.

What lesson did the once ler learn?

Since 1971, Dr. Suess’ The Lorax has taught us many lessons: to protect our environment, to speak up when it is in danger, and to contest the endless greed and desire for economic success. However, the most important lesson we at Thanda take from The Lorax is from The Once – ler, and it is a lesson of empathy.

What happened to the bar ba loots after most of the Truffula trees were gone?

What happened to the Bar – ba – loots after most of the Truffula Trees were gone? There was no Truffula fruit left for the Bar – ba – loots to eat, so they were forced to leave and look for food elsewhere.

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Why did the once ler keep Biggering and Biggering his factory?

The Once – ler answers that once the world was beautiful, containing a wide variety of happy animals that lived among beautiful “Truffula trees.” The Once – ler cut down the trees because they were excellent material to make products he invented called “Thneeds.” The “Thneeds” became a huge marketing success, forcing him

How was the thneed used by buyers?

How was it used by buyers? Thneed was the product used and it was used by buyers for many uses, especially for making clothing. Certain animals depended on Truffula trees.

Why did the once ler need to make so many Thneeds?

Why did the Once – ler need to make so many thneeds? The Once – ler had a lot of demand for his thneeds – everyone wanted one, and he was making a lot of money. 2. He asked the Once – ler to please think about the harm he was causing by making his thneeds.

What are 3 words the once ler used to describe the Lorax?

What are 3 words the Once – ler used to describe the Lorax? OT dish, brownish, mossy.

What did the once ler mean by Unless?

What does the Once – ler mean by UNLESS? Explain. Unless meaning that unless you care to help the environment its not going to get better and its not going to change. A person has to care enough to make the change. The Truffula seed represents the earth and the environment because it will help the earth to grow.

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