What is pinoche?

Is Panocha a bad word?

In other regions, ” panocha ” can mean penuche or panuche. In Spanish slang, it is a taboo word for the vulva, a fact that has led to many deliberate and accidental puns. It can also mean a coward.

What does Penuche mean in Spanish?

History and Etymology for penuche Mexican Spanish panocha raw sugar, from Spanish, ear of maize, ultimately from Latin panicula panicle — more at panicle.

What does panoche mean?

or panoche (pəˈnəʊtʃə ) or penuche. 1. a coarse grade of sugar made in Mexico. 2. (in the US) a sweet made from brown sugar and milk, often with chopped nuts.

What does Pinochet mean?

The politics of memory in Chile; from Pinochet to Bachelet. After Pinochet: The Chilean Road to Democracy and the Market.

What is Cuca a nickname for?

” Cuca ” is the diminutive for “Refugio” (Spanish woman name ). If “Refugio” is a man, the short name changes to “Cuco”.

What do Bonita mean?

Bonita is a feminine given name as well as a word meaning “pretty, cute” in Spanish and Portuguese. People with that name include: Bonita Granville, American actress and producer. Bonnie Langford, English actress.

How do you pronounce Penuche fudge?

Phonetic spelling of penuche. puh-noo-chee. penuche. Meanings for penuche. Penuche is a fudge -like candy made from brown sugar, butter, and milk, using no flavorings except for vanilla. Add a meaning. Synonyms for penuche. penoche. panoche. Examples of in a sentence. Pumpkin Cookies with Penuche Frosting.

What does pucha mean in Cuba?

feminine noun. 1. ( Cuba ) (= ramo) bouquet.

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How do you pronounce panoche?

Phonetic spelling of panoche. panoche. puh-noh-chuh. Add phonetic spelling. Meanings for panoche. fudge made with brown sugar and butter and milk and nuts. Add a meaning. Synonyms for panoche. fudge. penuche. penoche. panocha. Add synonyms.

What does Chile mean?

“ Chile ” is supposed to mean ‘child’, but it only sounds like it if you say it in a Southern American accent. According to a Reddit user, the phrase is slang usually used by African-American women from southern states such as, Georgia and Louisiana.

How did Pinochet come to power?

On 11 September 1973, Pinochet seized power in Chile in a coup d’état, with the support of the U.S., that toppled Allende’s democratically elected Unidad Popular government and ended civilian rule. Operation Condor was founded at the behest of the Pinochet regime in late November 1975, his 60th birthday.

Is Pinochet still alive?

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