To access the internet through the pstn what kind of connectivity device must you use?

Which network type establishes a dedicated physical connection?

What is a circuit-switched network? Establishes a dedicated physical circuit between two hosts that need to transfer time sensitive data, such as real-time audio and video. No other network host may use the medium until the communication is complete.

What is the speed of an OC 3 connection?

OC – 3. OC – 3 is a network line with transmission data rate of up to 155.52 Mbit/s (payload: 148.608 Mbit/s; overhead: 6.912 Mbit/s, including path overhead) using fiber optics. Depending on the system OC – 3 is also known as STS- 3 (electrical level) and STM-1 (SDH).

Which type of network medium is used by an integrated services digital network?

Advantages, Types, and Who Uses it. ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network is a circuit- switched telephone network system that transmits both data and voice over a digital line.

What is the most common security policy failure?

3) The most common failure of a security policy is the lack of user awareness. The most effective way of improving security is through user awareness.

Which network based storage technology is being used?

Which network – based storage technology is being used? NAS with Clustering. In a SAN implementation, the servers that connect to shared storage devices are called___________________.

How many t1s are in a T3?

A T3 line comprises 28 T1 lines, each operating at total signaling rate of 1.544 Mbit/s. It is possible to get a fractional T3 line, meaning a T3 line with some of the 28 lines turned off, resulting in a slower transfer rate but typically at reduced cost.

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What does OC 48 mean?

OC stands for optical carrier. The level number, 48 in this case, refers to the range of digital signals that can be carried on the network. An optical carrier is a sonnet fiber optic network that carries a digital signal. An OC 48 is roughly equivalent in size to over 5000 standard T1 circuits.

What is the speed of OC3 connection?

The OC3 has transmission speeds of up to 155.84Megabits per second. The OC3 is three times faster than the regular OC1. OC3 is typically used for network backbones for large companies or campus environments and ISPs.

Is ISDN a form of broadband?

It can be considered the step of internet evolution that lies between dial-up and DSL/Cable. Modernizing internet use and bringing high-speed access inside the home, ISDN became the standard by which rival broadband internet service providers competed. There are two different types, or lines, of ISDN internet service.

What is ISDN2?

ISDN2 is an ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) service that allowed for two concurrent telephone calls at the same time over the one PSTN line. ISDN2 services provided clear, high-quality telephone connections, and offered more call and messaging features than standard PSTN business lines.

What type of connector is used for DSL connection?

Description. A DSL router consists of a box which has an RJ11 jack to connect to a standard subscriber telephone line. It has several RJ45 jacks for Ethernet cables to connect it to computers or printers, creating a local network.

What is the greatest threat to theft of data?

The single greatest threat to security comes from physical theft or loss of devices such as smartphones and laptops.

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What should an effective security policy includes?

A few key characteristics make a security policy efficient: it should cover security from end-to-end across the organization, be enforceable and practical, have space for revisions and updates, and be focused on the business goals of your organization.

Which of the following is an example of privilege escalation?

Vertical privilege escalation —an attacker attempts to gain more permissions or access with an existing account they have compromised. For example, an attacker takes over a regular user account on a network and attempts to gain administrative permissions.

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