The song that might play when you fight sans?

How do you get the song that might play when you fight Sans?

Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans is a red herring 1, this song is never played in game. Indeed, it doesn’t even ship with the game. This song can only be found in the game files, it is not used in any of the gameplay even if you try to hack it.

What is the name of Sans song?

Music Guide For the actual track that plays when you fight Sans, see MEGALOVANIA. Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans is the 72nd track in the Undertale Soundtrack.

What song plays when you fight papyrus?


Can you fight Sans in pacifist?

“So I know for sure you can fight sans on a pacifist route.” No, you can ‘t.

How do you pronounce Megalovania?

Megalovania Pronounciation Megalo-VAY-nia. 80.0% Megalo-VAH-nia. 20.0%

Do you fight Sans in the neutral run?

I ‘ve said that “The Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans ” is sans ‘ real battle theme. The Choice is played during a neutral ending,meeting sans at the last corridor.

Why does Sans have a blue eye?

His eye glows during his soul manipulation during his battle. Because his eye power is basically some control over time and space. We know he has control over time, because of the time sans takes the human to lunch, and seems to stop time itself to talk about papyrus.

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Which SANS is the strongest?

I hope you enjoy! 2.time! 3.Reapertale sans. 4.glitch sans. Error sans! 1.king multiverse. 2.alphatale sans. This sans is the first ever au. 3.ERROR404. error404 is as evil as your ever going to get. 4.omnipotent sans. This sans is the most powerful sans (see how I said sans there.

Is Gaster sans dad?

No, not canonically. In fact, the game reveals almost nothing about Gaster, and he can only be reached by using a little hacking of game files. In most AUs, Gaster is considered to be the father of Sans and Papyrus.

What does Trousle mean?

Meaning: “tousle” means to make something untidy, like hair, “ trousle is not a real word, nor is bonetrousle. It appears to be a made up word for being flustered.

What instrument is Bonetrousle played on?

Undertale – Bonetrousle played on a Harpsichord | Improvisation.

Does killing Flowey ruin a pacifist run?

If Flowey is spared, he appears after the Neutral Route phone call and provides a hint to the protagonist on how to get the True Pacifist Ending (but not if they aborted the Genocide Route), but if he is killed, the game immediately returns to the title screen.

Why did sans give up?

Sans quits following the human if they kill Papyrus, after all, which shows there is some personal emotional investment in him for following the human around and interacting with them all the way to the CORE. Even in the Genocide Route, Sans makes multiple attempts to see a good side to the human.

Does picking on loox ruin pacifist?

yes. Only killing ruins your pacifist run.

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