Readers ask: What is the plural of emphasis?

What is the difference between emphasis and emphasize?

The main difference between the two spellings is that ‘ emphasize ‘ is used in the United States and Canada, while ‘ emphasise ‘ is used in British English countries. The reason for the different spellings is once again due to the French influence on English.

What is the plural of focus?

(foʊkəs ) Word forms: focuses, focusing, focussing, focused, focussedlanguage note: The plural of the noun can be either focuses or foci (foʊsaɪ ).

What is another word for emphasis?

SYNONYMS FOR emphasize accent, accentuate, highlight.

What is the noun of emphasize?

Something that’s emphasized is stressed. The source of the adjective emphasized is the noun emphasis, “importance or stress.” Emphasis is a Greek word, used in rhetoric to mean “significance” or “indirect meaning,” from emphainein, “let a thing be seen.”

How do you use emphasize in a sentence?

Emphasize sentence example To emphasize his words, he lifted her hand and placed it over his heart. The chroniclers emphasize the fact that this king was not of royal descent. His successors emphasize the sensationist elements, not the workmanship of the mind.

What does it mean to emphasize something?

To emphasize is to make something important, or stress it, like when you were little and your parents would always emphasize the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street. They told you again and again and again. And again.

What is the plural of person?

As a general rule, you’re absolutely right – person is used to refer to an individual, and the plural form is people. As you have said, we can also use peoples to talk about different groups within a nation or the world. Similarly, persons is considered to be quite formal and isn’t used often in day to day language.

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What is the plural of die?

Die is the singular form of dice. It comes from the French word des, a plural word for the same objects. In English, the most common way to make nouns plural is to add an S. If die followed that rule, its plural form would be dies.

What is the plural of Fox?

1 fox /ˈfɑːks/ noun. plural foxes. 1 fox. /ˈfɑːks/ plural foxes.

What is an example of emphasis?

The definition of emphasis is special attention put on something to give it importance. An example of emphasis is bolding the font of a particular word in a document to bring attention to it. An example of emphasis is a woman wearing a low cut shirt in order to bring attention to her cleavage.

What’s the opposite of emphasis?

What is the opposite of emphasis?

de- emphasis unimportance
triviality insignificance
ignorance irrelevance
inconsequentiality slightness
littleness insignificancy

How can you show emphasis when you talk?

10 Ways To Emphasize An Important Point During Your Presentation Call It Out. Use Repetition. Talk Softly (aka Whisper) Slow Down Your Voice During The Point You Want To Emphasize. Instigate Intense Eye Contact With Your Audience. Stop Moving Around The Stage and Assume The Power Stance. Sit Down. Simplify Your Slides.

What is the adverb of emphasis?

Adverbs of emphasis are also called emphasizers and emphasizing adverbs. Common adverbs of emphasis include absolutely, certainly, clearly, definitely, naturally, obviously, positively, really, simply, and undoubtedly.

What is the verb of sufficient?

intransitive verb. 1: to meet or satisfy a need: be sufficient a brief note will suffice —often used with an impersonal it suffice it to say that they are dedicated, serious personalities— Cheryl Aldridge. 2: to be competent or capable. transitive verb.

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Is emphasis a noun or verb?

noun, plural em·pha·ses [em-fuh-seez]. special stress laid upon, or importance attached to, anything: The president’s statement gave emphasis to the budgetary crisis. something that is given great stress or importance: Morality was the emphasis of his speech.

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