Readers ask: What is the default language for opensuse?

What is openSUSE factory?

The openSUSE Factory project is the development codebase that creates openSUSE Tumbleweed, which is the rolling-release version of the openSUSE Project. The Factory receives a constant flow of packages from developers working on the openSUSE distribution.

What distro is openSUSE based on?


openSUSE 15.2 with default KDE Plasma configuration
OS family Unix-like (originally based on SUSE Linux Professional)
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Initial release October 2005

What is the difference between Suse and openSUSE?

OpenSUSE is a Linux-based project and distribution sponsored by SUSE Linux GmbH and other companies. The difference between the openSUSE freely downloadable versions and the SUSE Linux Enterprise suite of products is the stability/reliability of the versions.

Why is openSUSE not popular?

The openSUSE installer is a bit chaotic, there are too many technical choices to make, a user with no experience does not know what to choose; xfce, gnome, kde, partitioning etc The installer does not have a minimal desktop installation, both GNOME and KDE, that Ubuntu has.

Is openSUSE any good?

Currently, we have openSUSE 42.1. It contains all the stable packages and provides the smoothest experience of the two. It is highly suitable for Home, Office and for Business computers. It is for people who need a good OS but won’t/can’t keep pampering the OS and need it to move aside and let them work.

Why openSUSE is the best?

The pitch for someone who knows Linux and distros but isn’t too technical: openSUSE is one of the oldest major Linux distributions, second largest right now. We provide a more stable, less experimental solution than most other Linux distributions, which is also a bit easier to modify and configure for power users.

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Is openSUSE good for beginners?

openSUSE is among the easiest linux distribution for new users. However, openSUSE does not focus on absolute ease of use, preferring to offer users flexibility and choice. Still openSUSE does not make things more complicated than necessary and has some easy to use graphical tools to configure system settings like YaST.

Is openSUSE better than Ubuntu?

OpenSUSE is more general-purpose than Ubuntu. Compared to Ubuntu, the learning curve of openSUSE is a bit steeper. If you’re completely new to Linux, then getting a grasp of openSUSE may require more effort compared to Ubuntu. All you need is just put a bit more focus and effort.

How secure is openSUSE?

openSUSE is a secure distribution. Both during development and after shipment security processes are honored and applied. Overseeing the security of the openSUSE distribution and coordinating the updates is the SUSE Security Team.

Which of the following describes openSUSE?

openSUSE, created and maintained by the openSUSE Project, is a stable, integrated Linux operating system that includes stable (Leap) and newer (Tumbleweed) open source packages for desktop productivity, multimedia, Web-hosting, networking infrastructure and application development.

Is Suse Enterprise Linux free?

It’s compatible with Red Hat, but it’s free to use and the paid support options are reasonably priced. SuSE Enterprise Linux Server offers a solid server environment and the ability to create custom server appliances.

What is the difference between openSUSE leap and tumbleweed?

The openSuSE project offers two distributions: Tumbleweed, which is a rolling distribution that gets continuous updates, and Leap, which is a point distribution that gets periodic updates.

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Is openSUSE better than Fedora?

As you can see Fedora wins in Software support, Hardware support, and User support. OpenSUSE wins in Stability. There is a tie between the 2 distros in Hardware Resource needs, and Ease of use.

Is openSUSE fast?

In all cases openSUSE was snappier than everything but Arch which was about the same. If using OpenSUSE the default file system (btrfs), it should be slower because of the copy-on-write. However it is worth because of the nice features that btrfs has, at least on root.

Is openSUSE good for developers?

One of the major strengths of openSUSE is its YaST package management which makes it easy to automate different tasks. Another great quality of this dependable Linux distro for developers is its software delivery method. You can simply visit their website and directly install anything you like.

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