Readers ask: What does btu stand for?

Is the higher the BTU better or worse?

A heater with a higher BTU rating is more powerful — that is, it has a higher heat output — than one with a low BTU rating. It can do more to raise the temperature in your room each hour, so you can either heat a room more quickly or heat a larger space.

What is the meaning of BTU in air conditioners?

Proper Air Conditioner Sizing Next, compare your room size to the window air conditioner’s British thermal unit ( BTU ) rating. What are BTUs? This number indicates the amount of heat an A/C can remove from a room. Look for a unit with a higher BTU rating to cool a larger room.

What does 10000 Btu stand for?

Most air conditioners have their capacity rated in British thermal units ( Btu ). A Btu is the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of 1 pound (0.45 kilograms) of water one degree Fahrenheit (0.56 degrees Celsius). A typical window air conditioner might be rated at 10,000 Btu.

What does BTU mean for heaters?

British Thermal Unit BTU measures the amount of heat required to raise or lower the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. When it comes to heat pumps or furnaces, the BTU number refers to the heat output of a unit.

Is 6000 BTU enough for a bedroom?

Recommended BTU By Room Size If your room is 10’x 20′ (200 square feet), you’d need to look at a 6,000 BTU unit. Once you get into 340 and 400 square feet per room, you’d need an 8,000 or 9,000 BTU air conditioner, respectively.

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Is 5000 BTU enough for a living room?

Window air conditioners typically have a cooling capacity ranging from 5,000 to 12,500 British thermal units ( Btu /hr.). As a rule of thumb, an air conditioner needs 20 Btu for each square foot of living space. If more than two people regularly occupy the room, add 600 Btu for each additional person.

Does higher Btu use more gas?

Some might think BTU (British Thermal Unit) is an accurate fuel -efficiency metric. Yet, BTU is only a measure of a heater’s potential—its maximum heat output. Temp-rise units will burn a steady amount of fuel, no matter what.

Is 8000 BTU enough for a living room?

Consumer Reports recommends 20 BTUs per square foot of the living space (or spaces) you want to cool down. feet: 8,000 BTUs. 350 – 400 sq. feet: 9,000 BTUs.

What size room will 18000 Btu cool?

2. Find the correct cooling capacity for your room size

Area To Be Cooled (square feet ) Capacity Needed (BTUs per hour)
400 up to 450 10,000
450 up to 550 12,000
550 up to 700 14,000
700 up to 1,000 18,000

What size room will 5000 BTU?

The size of your space determines how much cooling capacity you need. Budget air conditioners range from 5,000 BTU, which can handle about 150 square feet, to 12,000 BTU, enough to cover about 550 square feet.

Does higher Btu mean more electricity?

British Thermal Units Translated to a more familiar unit of power, one BTU per hour is equivalent to 0.293 watts. Greater power is often desirable but only to an extent. The greater the cooling capacity of a unit, the bigger and heavier it is.

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What size room will 12000 Btu cool?

Air Conditioner Ratings A 12,000 Btu air conditioner can cool between 450 and 550 square feet of floor space. A 12,000 Btu unit could cool a room 25 feet long by 20 feet wide that has 500 square feet of floor area.

How many BTU do I need to heat a room?

For example, a 300 square foot room typically requires 7,000 BTUs to maintain a comfortable temperature, while a 1,000 square foot room requires 18,000 BTUs. A simple formula to determine your heating needs is: (desired temperature change) x (cubic feet of space) x. 133 = BTUs needed per hour.

How many BTU do I need for an outdoor heater?

BTU Guide

Area in Square Feet Recommended BTUs
400-450 sq. ft. 10,000 BTUs
450-550 sq. ft. 12,000 BTUs
550-700 sq. ft. 14,000 BTUs
700-1,000 sq. ft. 18,000 BTUs

How do I calculate BTU?

Multiply your square footage by 20 BTUs to get a general estimate. Typically, plan to purchase a heating or cooling unit with 20 BTUs for every square foot of space you have.

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