Readers ask: What did cinderella say when she got to the ball?

What did Cinderella do at the ball?

You all know the story, Cinderella makes a deal with the Fairy Godmother to go out to the ball, but this time, at midnight, its her downstairs that turns into a pumpkin. So away she goes to find her Prince, while the Fairy Godmother sits at home waiting.

What did Snow White say when she got to the ball?

5. Why did Snow White get kicked out of Disneyland? She sat on Pinocchio’s face and said, “Lie to me. Lie to me.”

What does Cinderella say in French?

If you are referring to the scene where her stepmother orders her to go to town and order three dresses, Cinderella says: “Mais bien sûr je connais la mode parisienne et je vais m’en occuper.” Which means “But of course I know the Parisian fashion and I will take care of it (referring to having the dresses made).

How did Cinderella go to the ball?

Her Fairy Godmother magically appears and immediately begins to transform Cinderella from house servant to the young lady she was by birth, all in the effort to get Cinderella to the ball. She turns a pumpkin into a golden carriage, mice into horses, a rat into a coachman, and lizards into footmen.

What is the famous line of Cinderella?

“Well, serves you right, spoiling people’s best dreams.” “’Cause if you tell a wish, it won’t come true.”

What does Cinderella mean?

: one resembling the fairy-tale Cinderella: such as. a: one suffering undeserved neglect. b: one suddenly lifted from obscurity to honor or significance.

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What does Cinderella say be kind?

For where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.” – Cinderella #DayDreaming.

Who did Snow White marry?

William is the love interest (and later the husband) of Snow White and the son of Duke Hammond. Upon marrying Snow White, he becomes King of Tabor. He is a supporting protagonist in Snow White and the Huntsman and briefly appears in The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Did Lady Tremaine kill Cinderella’s father?

Considering his death was untimely and happened suddenly, along with Lady Tremaine’s power-hungry, cruel, and manipulative nature, it is possible Cinderella’s father was actually murdered by Lady Tremaine; however, nothing in the film suggests this and it is taken as canon that he died a natural death, possibly because

Who is the oldest Disney princess?

Elsa. Elsa, at 21, is the oldest Disney Princess and the only non-teenager in the group.

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