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Who wrote the song let her go?

“Let Her Go” is a song written and recorded by English singer-songwriter Passenger. It was recorded at Sydney’s Linear Recording and co-produced by Mike Rosenberg (a.k.a. Passenger ) and Chris Vallejo. The song was originally written by Shaun Dsouza to confess his love to the love of his life Farah Dsouza.

Who sang passenger?

Did Ed Sheeran Sing let her go?

Ed sheeran Passenger let her go ( Official video)

Why did passenger Write let her go?

Mike Rosenberg explained the song’s meaning to Female First: “In my mind the song has two meanings;” he said, “the first is quite literal as I wrote it after a break up and it is about letting her go. Rosenberg was backstage after finishing a set at a university bar in Australia when he came up with this song.

What is Passenger worth?

It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $221.3K – $295K. Passenger’s revenue is $37.3K in 2021. It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $31.9K – $42.6K.

Is passenger a one hit wonder?

Passenger is the stage name for Michael Rosenberg. Although the folk rock song was a chart-topper in many countries, Passenger remains a one – hit wonder, as he has not able to repeat his pop chart success thus far.

What is passengers real name?

Does Iggy Pop tattoo?

On 21-4-1947 Iggy Pop (nickname: Iggy ) was born in Muskegon, Michigan, United States. Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Tattoos & Style.

Height 180 cm
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What genre is Ed Sheeran?

Who is the female singer in passenger?

Michael David Rosenberg (born 17 May 1984), better known by his stage name Passenger, is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Previously the main vocalist and songwriter of Passenger, Rosenberg opted to keep the band’s name for his solo work after the band dissolved in 2009.

What is the meaning of passenger?

A passenger is a person who travels in a vehicle but bears little or no responsibility for the tasks required for that vehicle to arrive at its destination or otherwise operate the vehicle. Passengers are people who ride on buses, passenger trains, airliners, ships, ferryboats, and other methods of transportation.

When should you just let her go?

She’s Communicating With You Less and Less She’s not as responsive over text, and you’re almost always the one who contacts her first. It feels like you’re constantly chasing her. You catch yourself making excuses for her. “She must just be busy with work or school…”; “She might just want a little space…” etc.

Why do they say if you love her let her go?

You can choose to interpret the saying to mean that there is indeed a need for space in your relationship. If you love her let her go can mean that in relationships it’s okay to be away from your partners for a while. And never be afraid to ask for personal space. If they are yours indeed they will always come back.

What genre is let her go by passenger?

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