Quick Answer: What were dowager empress cixi’s accomplishments during her reign? Check all that apply.?

What were Dowager Empress?

The title dowager empress was given to the wife of a deceased emperor of Russia or Holy Roman emperor.

Which steps did Chinese emperors take to reduce foreign influence in China check all that apply?

Chinese emperors pursued a policy of “isolationism,” or sealing off the empire to reduce foreign influences that they thought were negative. They had no interest in European manufactured goods. They limited trade to just one port along the along the coast.

What did China agree to in the Treaty of Nanjing was signed check all that apply?

Once the treaty of Nanjing was signed and China agreed to create a “fair and reasonable” tariff, allow Britain to trade at five ports and surrender the territory of Hong Kong. Explanation: This treaty has officially ended the war on opium and there were numerous effects on the Chinese as a part of the Agreement.

What is Lin Zexu goal in writing the letter to Britain Queen Victoria?

His goal was to appeal to Queen Victoria in order to slow down (ideally to cease) the opium trade in China and to un-yoke themselves from Great Britain in that economic regard.

Who was the last Chinese empress?

Addthis Share Tools. Arguably the most powerful empress in Chinese history, Empress Dowager Cixi dominated the court and policies of China’s last imperial dynasty for nearly 50 years. She entered the court as a low-ranking consort, or wife, of the Xianfeng emperor and bore his heir, the Tongzhi emperor.

What happened to the last Empress of China?

Wanrong (婉容; 13 November 1906 – 20 June 1946), also known as Xuantong Empress, of the Manchu Bordered Plain White Banner Gobulo clan, was the wife and empress consort of Puyi, the Xuantong Emperor. She died in prison in around June or August 1946 and her remains were never found.

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Which country had the second largest sphere of influence in China?

According to the map, the second largest sphere of influence in China is Britain, the largest one being Russia.

Which is the correct order of events that eventually led to the collapse of the Chinese imperial Gov?

Which is the correct order of events that eventually led to the collapse of the Chinese imperial government? Opium Wars, Taiping Rebellion, Boxer Rebellion, rise of nationalism.

Which countries did John Hay appeal to first in terms of his open door policy?

First, Hay sought the approval of the British and Japanese Governments, both of which considered the American suggestion to be in their interests, although both conditioned their acceptance of the terms on the agreement of all the powers involved. France followed the British and Japanese example.

Why was the Treaty of Nanking unfair?

In response, several British sailors killed a Chinese man. The Treaty of Nanjing, the beginning of a series of unfair agreements that benefited the West and hurt China, required China to repay British merchants for damages, open five ports for British residence and trade, and place a low tariff on British goods.

What caused the Treaty of Nanking?

Treaty of Nanjing, (August 29, 1842) treaty that ended the first Opium War, the first of the unequal treaties between China and foreign imperialist powers. China paid the British an indemnity, ceded the territory of Hong Kong, and agreed to establish a “fair and reasonable” tariff.

What caused the Taiping Rebellion?

The Taiping Rebellion was caused by Hong Xiuquan and class differences, and led to a radical change in social and economic structure.

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Which countries had spheres of influence in China quizlet?

By the late 1890s, Japan and several European powers had carved out spheres of influence in China. These were sections of the country in which each of the foreign nations enjoyed special rights and powers. Japan, Germany, Great Britain, France, and Russia all acquired spheres of influence in China.

Who is Lin referring to when he says the barbarians?

Lin is referring to Chinese peasants when he says barbarians. Commissioner Lin wrote a Letter to Queen Victoria where he said that after a period of trade in the region, there were some barbarians.

How did imperialism in China motivate wars?

How did imperialism in China motivate wars and rebellions that weakened dynastic rule? Imperialism led to Western influence in China. The Opium Wars resulted in Western control of Chinese trade and diplomacy. Eventually, nationalism overthrew the government and dynastic rule in China.

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