Quick Answer: What to wear with green shorts?

What color goes good with green shorts?

Or you can pair a white top, a light yellow blazer, a black statement necklace, peplum shorts, an orange clutch and brown suede boots. Remember that olive green color blends great with red, orange, marsala, purple, brown, white colors and various green shades, so try to pick up these color clothes.

What goes with green shorts women’s?

For an outfit that’s extremely easy but can be worn in a myriad of different ways, consider wearing a blue gingham dress shirt and green shorts. If you would like take your casual fashion game to a new height, consider teaming a white blazer with green shorts.

What goes well with light green shorts?

Such pieces as a white dress shirt and green shorts are the ideal way to infuse some manly elegance into your current fashion mix. Beige suede boat shoes are an effortless way to add a confident kick to the look.

How do you style dark green shorts?

For a neat and relaxed ensemble, consider pairing a white kimono with dark green shorts — these two items work perfectly well together. You’re looking at the definitive proof that a black leather biker jacket and dark green shorts look awesome paired together in a casual look.

What goes with green pants?

Black, white, beige, grey, blue, camel, and tan look great with olive green pants.

What color goes with olive green?

To highlight olive green’s energy, pair with complimentary hues of red and yellow. For a more natural look, pair it with neutrals such as white, black and beige.

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What goes with dark green shorts men’s?

For a casually cool ensemble, choose a white and black print crew-neck t-shirt and dark green shorts — these pieces go beautifully together. When it comes to footwear, complete your ensemble with a pair of black and white suede low top sneakers.

How do you wear mint green shorts?

Cute, simple and sweet, mint green shorts make for a great look when paired with a white top, white sneakers or sandals and gold accessories. While they may not be suitable for more formal occasions, they make a stunning option for casual outings.

What looks good with olive green shorts men?

For a casual getup, dress in an olive shirt jacket and olive shorts — these items fit really cool together. A pair of brown leather tassel loafers instantly classes up any getup. Look seriously stylish yet practical by wearing a navy cable sweater and olive shorts.

What color goes with army green?

WHAT TO WEAR WITH ARMY GREEN. Don’t be afraid to pair army green with bright colors, like cool turquoise, bright pink. We also love army green when worn with orange, so long as the shade isn’t too close to a traffic cone: think, an army green canvas coat over a pale orange cotton button; that’s definitely worth a try.

What color shirt goes with olive shorts?

The mix-and-match capabilities of a black and white polka dot short sleeve blouse and olive shorts ensure you’ll always have them on high rotation in your closet. If it’s ease and functionality that you’re seeking in a look, wear a white horizontal striped crew-neck t- shirt and olive shorts.

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What color goes with lime green shorts?

Safe choices are White, Gray, Navy Blue and Black with patterns or stripes if you like. Or if you prefer a more daring look you could try a coral or a powder blue top.

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