Quick Answer: What new treasures do the children find in the knothole?

What new gifts do they find in the knothole there are 5 and what ends the knothole gifts?

Late that fall, another present appears in the knothole—two figures carved in soap to resemble Scout and Jem. The figures are followed in turn by chewing gum, a spelling bee medal, and an old pocket watch. The next day, Jem and Scout find that the knothole has been filled with cement. When Jem asks Mr.

What treasures do Scout and Jem find?

What treasures do Scout and Jem find in the knothole of the tree? Gum,Indian Head pennies. How does Scout end up in the yard in front of the radley house? rolled onto the yard in a tire.

What else do they find in the tree in Chapter 7?

They find a ball of gray twine, a package of chewing gum, and an old spelling bee medal. Perhaps the most intriguing items are two small images carved in soap: a boy that resembles Jem and a girl that resembles Scout. Scout and Jem find several more items in the knot-hole of the tree.

What did the kids find in the knot hole that was their biggest prize?

The item they consider their biggest prize is “a pocket watch that wouldn’t run, on a chain with an aluminum knife.” Previously, the children had assumed that the knot – hole was someone’s hiding place.

Why does JEM cry on the porch?

Nathan Radley’s dishonesty and cruelty to Boo, as well as Jem’s lost chance of communicating with Boo, are the reasons he cries by himself on the front porch. Jem cries because Nathan Radley cements in the hole in the tree, eliminating their connection to Boo Radley. When the tree is cemented, Jem asks Mr. Nathan why.

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Why does Atticus awaken Jem and Scout?

Why does Atticus awaken Jem and Scout instead of just letting them sleep through the fire incident? Atticus is worried the fire spread to their home. “I expect so” said Atticus. “Now listen, both of you.

What is Boo Radley’s real name?

Arthur Radley “Boo” Radley is a lonely man who attempts to reach out to Jem and Scout for love and friendship, such as leaving them small gifts and figures in a tree knothole. Jem starts to have a different understanding of Radley.

What are the gifts Boo Radley left for Jem and Scout?

The objects left inside the tree are signs of friendship. Boo gives the children sticks of gum (Wrigley’s Double Mint), two shiny Indian coins, grey twine, soap figures resembling Jem and Scout, old spelling bee medals, an old watch, and an aluminium knife.

How did Jem get even with scout for contradicting?

Jem gets even with Scout for contradicting him about “Hot Steams” because when Scout gets into the tire, Jem pushes the tire as hard as he could down the hill. As a result, Scout is nauseous in the tire and both her and the tire land in the Radley’s front yard. What was the Boo Radley game?

Who does scout think is hiding things in the knothole?

Arthur “Boo” Radley is the person who places trinkets and small items in the knot-hole of the tree, but at first Scout believes that Walter Cunningham is storing things. In Chapter 7 of To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout and Jem walk past their tree and observe that there is a ball of gray twine in the knot-hole.

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What is the symbolism of the snowman in To Kill a Mockingbird?

The snowman representing Robinson’s life, is burned down during the fire. The snow symbolizing Atticus, and the mud representing Tom Robinson. The creation of the snowman symbolizes the efforts of Atticus during the trial to set Tom free; which he fails at, therefore killing Tom.

Who is Mr Avery in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Avery is an overweight neighbor who lives across the street from Mrs. Dubose’s house. He is a colorful character who is best known for whittling and peeing off of his front porch at night. At the beginning of Chapter 6, Scout tells the story about how they were leaving Miss Rachel’s one night and witnessed Mr.

What happens to the knot hole in the tree after the children leave the thank you note?

Someone has filled their hole up with cement. They ask Mr. Radley about it, and he claims the tree is dying and filling the knothole with cement will keep it alive.

Why can’t the children leave their thank you note?

Nathan Radley is filling up the hole with cement. Because he’s there, they can’t leave the note. When Jem asks Nathan why he’s filling it up, he says, But as Jem discusses this with Atticus, Atticus tells him that the tree looks just fine–green leaves and all.

What two things constitute the Children’s biggest prize?

The item they consider their biggest prize is “a pocket watch that wouldn’t run, on a chain with an aluminum knife.” Previously, the children had assumed that the knot-hole was someone’s hiding place.

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