Quick Answer: What is call parking?

What does it mean to park a call?

Call parking is a business phone system feature that allows you to put a call on hold, so that another person can pick it up on a different phone. When you “ park ” the call, anyone with access to the parked call can pick it up.

What’s the difference between parking a call and holding a call?

Call Parking is a type of Call Holding. The difference between traditional Hold and Park is when you put a call on hold, you can only retrieve that call from the same phone where it was put on Hold. With Call Park, you can pick that call back off of Hold from ANY phone in the system.

How do you use call park?

The “ call park ” feature is activated by pressing a preprogrammed button (usually labelled “ Call Park ”) or a special sequence of buttons. This transfers the current telephone conversation to an unused extension number and immediately puts the conversation on hold.

What is call parking in SIP?

Call Park is the ability to place a call on hold into a specific parking location (a fictional extension) such that the call can then be picked up by another extension.

How do you answer a parked call?

Click on the Park icon under the My Call widget. Any other extension can then answer the parked call from the Parked Call widget. Simply, click on the call and the extension will ring.

What do call retrieve mean?

Call on hold, Call held by other party, On hold or Call is on Hold appears when the person you are talking to puts you on hold. Call resumed or Call retrieved by other party appears when the person you are talking to takes you off hold.

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What is a parked phone number?

They can hold your number for as long as you need them to. Although when you park your phone number, you will not be able to make or receive calls, number parking allows you to temporarily port your number to the service provider until you are ready to go back to your regular cell phone carrier.

How do you park a call in a team?

Configure call park and retrieve In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Voice > Call park policies. On the Manage policies tab, click Add. Give the policy a name, and then switch Allow call park to On. Select Save.

What does Unpark mean on a phone?

Retrieving a Parked Call ( Unpark ) Perform the following to retrieve a parked call, which takes the call off hold to become an active call again.

How do I park a call in RingCentral?

Simply press the Call Park soft key on your desk phone and pass along the parked location to colleagues or departments. You can also park an active call from RingCentral for Desktop or RingCentral mobile app. Unanswered calls ring back after five minutes, so you can ensure your callers are well attended.

What is Call Park in Cucm?

The call park feature enables a user to park a call so that it can be retrieved from another telephone in the CUCM cluster. This phone number can be dialed from another phone in the system, thus redirecting the call. The call park feature works within a CUCM cluster.

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How do I park a call on a Cisco phone?

If you are on an active call at your phone, you can park the call to a call park extension by pressing the Park softkey or the Call Park button. Someone on another phone in your system can then dial the call park extension to retrieve the call.

How do I park a call on an Avaya phone?

The Call Park feature lets you place a call on hold at your telephone for retrieval at any extension. Press Trnsfr and dial the Call Park Access Code, then press Trnsfr again. The call is parked at your extension.

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