Quick Answer: What does debil mean in english?

What does Debil mean?

debil m. (offensive) a moron (disliked person), a dumb person Synonyms: see Thesaurus:hlupák. (dated, medicine) mentally ill person.

What is bakang in English?

English. bakang. kine; ox; oxen; Advertisement.

What does Belier mean in English?

noun. A person who belies someone or something; especially: (a) one who gives a false representation or account; a slanderer or libeller; (b) a denier.

What does Maza mean in English?

English Translation. mace. More meanings for maza. mace noun.

How do you say Bajo?

bajo SpanishDict Phonetic Alphabet (SPA) bah. – hoh. International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) ba. – xo. Spanish Alphabet (ABC) ba. – jo.

What is a kine?

noun. an archaic plural of cow1.

What is bandy legged?

Bandy – legged is used to describe someone with bandy legs —a condition in which the legs curve outward, causing the knees to point outward. The term bowlegged (or bow- legged ) means the same thing and is more common.

What is insular?

1: characteristic of an isolated people especially: being, having, or reflecting a narrow provincial viewpoint. 2a: of, relating to, or constituting an island. b: dwelling or situated on an island insular residents. 3: of or relating to an island of cells or tissue.

Where does Maza come from?

Spanish: metonymic occupational name for someone who had a mace as a symbol of office or who carried one in ceremonial possessions, from Spanish maza ‘mace’ (Late Latin mattea, probably of Germanic origin).

What is Mazza food?

An assortment of foods served as appetizers, accompaniments to main dishes, or a complete meal. A feature of Middle Eastern cuisine from Morocco to Persia, mazza is usually served with a beverage, and may be simple or elaborate.

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What is spelling of Maza?

/mazā/ mn. joy countable noun. Something that is a joy makes you feel happy or gives you great pleasure.

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