Quick Answer: Drake when to say when?

When did Drake sample what song?

Both tracks pay tribute to fellow rappers: The Brooklyn-set “When to Say When” features a sample of “ Song Cry ” by the borough’s Jay-Z — Drake even visits that rapper’s stomping ground Marcy Projects in the video — and “Chicago Freestyle” finds Drake lifting an entire verse from Eminem’s The Eminem Show track “Superman,

Did Drake sample Eminem?

Drake feat. Giveon’s ‘Chicago Freestyle’ sample of Eminem feat. Dina Rae’s ‘Superman’ | WhoSampled.

Who did Drake sample on Chicago freestyle?

Drake surprised fans on Saturday night by dropping a pair of tracks titled “When to Say When” and “ Chicago Freestyle.” For “When to Say When” Drake samples a classic, “Song Cry” by JAY-Z.

When did Chicago freestyle by Drake come out?

What is Drake’s new song called?

Drake has released a brand new song called “ Toosie Slide,” as well as a music video that acknowledges the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Where can I listen to the new Drake?

You can listen to Drake’s new project below via Spotify and Apple Music, and all other streaming services here.

What did Drake do for Eminem?

During Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour, he brought Eminem out on stage, and bowed down to him, calling him “the greatest rapper to ever get on a microphone.”

Who features in Chicago freestyle?

“Chicago Freestyle” is a song by Canadian rapper Drake from his commercial mixtape Dark Lane Demo Tapes (2020). It features guest vocals by American singer Giveon. Drake interpolates Eminem’s flow from his 2002 single “Superman” on the pre-chorus. It was released concurrently with another song, “When To Say When”.

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Is sampha on Chicago freestyle?

For “ Chicago Freestyle,” Drake recruited London singer/songwriter Sampha for vocals on the track, which features the 6 God interpolating Eminem’s pre-chorus on “Superman.” “When to Say When” and “ Chicago Freestyle ” are both available now on Soundcloud.

Who is Giveon signed to?

Where is Giveon from?

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