Question: What is the opposite of majority?

What is majority antonym?

majority. Antonyms: inferiority, juniority, minority.

What’s the opposite of majority rule?

What is the opposite of majority rule?

autocracy despotism
repression totalitarianism
tyranny absolutism
authoritarianism autarchy
imperiousness tsarism

What is the opposite of dominate?

What is the opposite of dominate?

yield submit
leave abandon
release drop
let go relinquish
neglect quit

What’s the opposite of a minority?

If you’re left-handed, you are in the minority, because most people are right-handed. That means that right-handed people are the majority (the opposite of minority ).

What do you call a majority?

A majority, also called a simple majority to distinguish it from similar terms (see the “Related terms” section below), is the greater part, or more than half, of the total.

What is another word for majority rule?

Alternate Synonyms for “majority rule “: democracy; doctrine; philosophy; philosophical system; school of thought; ism.

What is the opposite of compulsory?

Antonyms for compulsory inessential, unstipulated, liberated, free, unnecessary, Liberalized, voluntary, optional.

What is the opposite of lawful?

lawful. Antonyms: abominable, criminal, culpable, felonious, flagitious, guilty, illegal, immoral, iniquitous, nefarious, sinful, unlawful, vicious, vile, wicked, wrong. Synonyms: innocent, just, legal, meritorious, moral, right, virtuous.

What is the opposite of former?

What is the opposite of former?

ensuing following
later posterior
coming current
latter next
modern new

What does submissive mean?

When animals live in packs, one animal is usually the dominant leader, while the others fall into more submissive roles. To be submissive is to obey or yield to someone else. When you are submissive, you submit to someone else’s will, which literally, you put your own desires lower than theirs.

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What does dominated mean?

To dominate means to be in control or have the power to defeat. Dominate is related to the word domain — which means home. While these words may not seem all that similar, when you are the master of a home or thing, you dominate it.

What does it mean when someone is dominate?

1: to have or exert mastery, control, or preeminence his desire to dominate a dominating factor in industrial growth. 2: to occupy a more elevated or superior position.

What does Minority mean?

noun, plural mi·nor·i·ties. a smaller party or group opposed to a majority, as in voting or other action. a group in society distinguished from, and less dominant than, the more numerous majority: The ethnic minority was disproportionately affected by the reduction in preventative medical services.

What is minority and non minority?

: a person who is not a member of a social minority group The district was also required to close the achievement gap between minorities and nonminorities and hire more minority teachers.— Ashley A. Smith —often used before another noun nonminority voters.

What is another word for minority?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for minority, like: the outvoted, less than half, the-few, majority, the outnumbered, the losing side, splinter-group, opposition, pupilage, group and color.

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