Question: Miss me when i’m gone?

Who wrote the Cup song?

Who wrote Miss Me When I’m gone?

Is the cup song an original?

Origins of the cup song The song – When I’m Gone – was originally written and recorded by country music group The Carter Family in 1931. The Mainers Mountaineers later recorded their own version of the song in 1937 and at this time it was a stand-alone song, with no cup -based rhythmic accompaniment.

Is cups a real game?

” Cups ” was a game invented by Chandler with the intention that Joey won, so that he would accept some money from Chandler, which Joey needed to pay the fees, when Chandler was moving out of their apartment. Joey wouldn’t accept any charity, so Chandler created this game.

When did Joey and Rory record when I’m gone?


Year Single Sales
2011 “Headache”
2012 “When I’m Gone “ US: 115,000

How do you do the cup song without a cup?

If you already know how to do the cup song, just imagine that instead of tapping or moving the cup, you are patting your hands on your lap or on a table. Clap your hands twice. Pat your lap three times. First pat your right thigh with your right hand.

When did the Cup song come out?

What age is Anna Kendrick?

How many cups do you need for the Cup song?

How can I do the cup song with three cups? You might need someone to hand you the cups. You could do one cup, then push it away, and your extra person could pass you the next cup.

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