Question: How many tennis balls can you fit in a limousine?

How many golf balls can you fit in a limo?

85) as. 85 inches is the radius of a golf ball. Divide that 2.5 cubic inches into 1.6 million and you come up with 660,000 golf balls.

What number of tennis balls can you fit into a sports car?

That’s 1000 tennis balls. 6 of those cubes could easily fit in a car let alone a 747

How many tennis balls can you fit in a plane?

Finally, after dividing the volume of the aeroplane by that to the tennis ball we arrive at 688,705. Therefore, we can fit approximately 688,705 tennis balls in a Boeing 747.

How many tennis balls fit in a Mini Cooper?

Again, removing half the volume to take into account all the fittings, seats etc. Now for the number of tennis balls which can fit in Mini Cooper. We need to divide by 4. Round up to 140,000, as it’s easier to divide by 4, so 140,000 /4 is 35,000.

How many golf balls are allowed on a plane?

Assuming the plane is a 747. and the diameter of the golf balls is 40mm. 23.5 million balls would fit in the plane.

How many ping pong balls can fit in a 747?

The question is fairly satisfactorily answered: “The 747-400 has a passenger volume of 876 cubic meters, plus a cargo volume of 159 cubic meters, for a total of 1035; the balls have a diameter of 40mm; this gives about 22,870,000 ping pong balls.” The answerer notes that the weight of this many balls would prevent the

How many tennis balls do you need to balance the scale?

Answer = Maximum of three steps to find heavy ball. Put one tennis ball aside and put the other 8 on the scale – 4 on each side. If the scale is balanced you ‘re done – the one you put aside is the heavy ball If not Remove the 4 balls on the light side of the scale. The heavy ball is one of the four still on the scale.

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How many tennis balls could you fit in Wimbledon?

The number of tennis balls that could fit into Wimbledon’s Centre Court with the roof closed is 290 million!

How many inches is a ping pong ball?

The diameter of a ping-pong ball is 1.5 inches, which equates to 1.5 * 1.5 * 1.5 = about 4 cubic inches. There is 12*12*12 cubic inches in a cubic foot, or about 1,750 cubic inches in a cubic foot.

How many tennis balls fit in a cubic meter?

In other words, 0.0000406840 cubic meters is 0.25830 times the size of a Tennis Ball, and the size of a Tennis Ball is 3.8710 times that amount.

How many balls can fit in a room interview questions?

The average mens’ basketball has a diameter of 25cm. There are approximately 30cm in a foot. Therefore you could fit one inflated basketball in a 1 foot cubed space. Therefore you could fit 1000 inflated basketballs inside a room with a volume of 1000 ft cubed.

How big is a tennis ball in meters?

Modern tennis balls must conform to certain criteria for size, weight, deformation, and bounce criteria to be approved for regulation play. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) defines the official diameter as 6.54–6.86 cm (2.57–2.70 inches).

How many golf balls fit in a Mini?

Divide that 2.5 cubic inches into 1.6 million and you come up with 660,000 golf balls. However, since there are seats and crap in there taking up space and also since the spherical shape of a golf ball means there will be considerable empty space between them when stacked, I’ll round down to 500,000 golf balls.

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