Often asked: What product does willy sell?

What did Willy’s father sell?

At Willy’s request, Ben tells young Biff and Happy about their grandfather. Among an assortment of other jobs, Willy and Ben’s father made flutes and sold them as a traveling salesman before following a gold rush to Alaska.

What object in Howard’s office frightens Willy?

What object does Howard have in his office that frightens Willy? he refuses to go to summer school to pass math.

What does Biff steal from Bill Oliver’s office?

Oliver remembers that he stole a carton of basketballs. After a failed attempt to ask Mr. Oliver for a business loan, Biff steals Mr. Oliver’s fountain pen from his desk.

What kind of store does Willy ask Stanley to direct him to?

Stanley tries to help him. Willy asks if there is a seed store in the neighborhood, because he has to buy some seeds to plant. Willy leaves for the seed store.

What is Happy’s real name?

Happy Hogan (character)

Happy Hogan
Full name Harold Joseph “Happy” Hogan
Team affiliations Stark Industries
Supporting character of Iron Man

Who is Willy’s only friend?

Charley is Willy Loman’s neighbor and only friend in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman.

Why did Biff stop working for Bill Oliver?

Biff stole from the store where he worked, and Bill Oliver was his supervisor. He quit before Bill could fire him.

Why does Biff steal the pen?

The fountain pen symbolizes corruption and shallowness — traits associated with greed and materialism in the business world. After stealing the pen, Biff realizes he doesn’t want the same unhappy and dissatisfying life his father has clung to all these years.

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Which character states nobody dast blame this man?

Nobody dast blame this man. A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory. Charley, standing with Linda, Biff, and Happy at Willy’s gravesite, addresses Biff in a monologue that functions as a eulogy for Willy.

What does Willy’s car symbolize?

The car symbolizes Willy’s struggle and eventual failure to achieve the American Dream. Nothing was ever as good as the dream of what it should have been. Chevrolet is an American car brand and was the kind of car that the character Willy Loman owned in the play Death of a Salesman.

What is the climax of Death of a Salesman?

In Death of a Salesman, the climax occurs when Willy and Biff have their final confrontation in Frank’s Chop House. At this point in the story, these two characters represent two different stances: Willy wants to continue with his self-deceptions about being successful, while Biff is exhausted with living a lie.

What do the stockings symbolize in Death of a Salesman?

Stockings assume a metaphorical weight as the symbol of betrayal and sexual infidelity. New stockings are important for both Willy’s pride in being financially successful and thus able to provide for his family and for Willy’s ability to ease his guilt about, and suppress the memory of, his betrayal of Linda and Biff.

What is Happy’s job title?

Harold Hogan was a former boxer who received the nickname of ” Happy ” as he rarely smiled. Following the end of his boxing career, he was hired by Tony Stark to be his personal chauffeur and bodyguard.

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Who is the protagonist of Death of a Salesman?

The main protagonist in the play Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman is depicted in many scenes of the play as having been an ambitious man in his younger days.

Why does Biff not go to college?

As a result, Willy is responsible for Biff’s downward spiral. Biff did not attend summer school or graduate because of Willy’s perfidy. Now he is incapable of achieving success because he possesses no faith in his father or himself.

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