Often asked: What is pati?

What does Pati stand for?


Acronym Definition
PATI Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin (Indonesian: Foreign Immigrants without Permission; Indonesia)
PATI Public Access to Information (Bermuda)
PATI Penetrating Abdominal Trauma Index
PATI Professional Athlete Transition Institute (Quinnipiac University; Hamden, CT)

What is the meaning of Paati?

Paati is a tamil we word which means grandmother.

What do we say Patti in English?

A bandage is a long strip of cloth that is tied around a wounded part of someone’s body in order to protect or support it.

What is meant by Poda Patti?

Interjection. poda patti. (India, slang) An insult: go away, you dog!

What is the use of garam Patti?

Cotton Garam Patti for Ease Pain

Features Reusable
Material Cotton
Application Ease Pain
Length 4 mtr

What does Cheta mean in Malayalam?

“ CHETA ” literally means an elder brother. A term that is used for elder siblings, cousins and so on. Cheta (slang word) is malayalam for elder brother – originating from Jeshta – (a proper word). Aniya is another word for younger brother.

How are you in Kerala?

Pronunciation in Malayalam How are you? sukhamalle? What is your name? perenthaa?

What is your name in Malayalam?


Hello Namaskaram/namasthe
I am fine Enikku sukhamaanu
What is your name? Ninte perenthaanu?
I am… Jnaan..…
My name is… Ente paeru ……..aanu
4 months ago

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