Often asked: What does creed say in chinese on the office?

What dies creed say in Chinese?

In Creed’s talking head, he says, “我的中華的朋友你好” (“Hello, my Chinese friends”) in an accent so thick it is practically unintelligible. What’s more, his shout-out is in Mandarin, even though the primary language in Hong Kong is Cantonese.

What does creed say in Chinese to Andy?

Andy asks Creed Bratton for help in reading what is written on the bottle of the powdered seahorse to which his bilingual co-worker replies “海马不要跟酒乱搞” (or “Hǎimǎ bùyào gēn jiǔluàn gǎo” in pinyin) which roughly translates to “ Do not mix the seahorse with alcohol.” Seeing as Andy spent the rest of The Office episode

Does creed speak Mandarin?

I do speak Chinese; I do have four toes on one foot.

Is was Creed supposed to be in the office?

Creed Bratton Wasn’t Even Supposed To Be A Character On The Office. Played by the musician-turned actor of the same name from the 1960s band The Grass Roots, Creed’s character is an amalgam of the real-life version of himself and the persona the writers made for him.

What does creed mean?

1: a brief authoritative formula of religious belief the Nicene Creed. 2: a set of fundamental beliefs also: a guiding principle Never settle for mediocrity is his creed. —

Was Creed in the grass roots?

Creed Bratton as Creed Bratton. In the 1960s, before becoming an actor, Bratton was the lead guitarist for the rock band The Grass Roots, best known for their hit single “Let’s Live for Today.”

What language is creed?

Creed responds that he can read it better than English, but when he reads it out aloud he speaks only in Chinese (without providing the English translation).

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What happens if you eat powdered seahorse?

Powdered seahorse is a real medicinal ingredient commonly used in Chinese medicine practices to treat asthma and sexual dysfunction. Ingesting too much of the supplement could be dangerous and lead to serious health issues. Powdered seahorse is known to cause kidney failure in large doses, but not neurological issues.

Did Creed really catch fish?

Creed is shown to be his weird self when he wanders off from the group. Here, he walks into the lake and catches a fish with his bare hands. After the hot dog contest has ended, Creed is shown to be disappointed at having missed the game. He now holds the skeleton of the fish in his hand, implying he has eaten it raw.

Who called the police on creed?

Of the three costumes, Creed’s is by far the most impressive. In “Frame Toby”, Creed shows concern when two policemen show up at the office looking for narcotics. Michael and Dwight had actually called the cops in an attempt to frame Toby Flenderson for the possession of these narcotics.

What is Creed Bratton’s real name?

Creed Bratton (born William Charles Schneider, February 8, 1943) is an American character actor, singer, and musician.

Is Creed Jim’s stepdad?

Not only does Creed save Jim’s ass with the chess game, he’s the only one that doesn’t raise his hand when Andy asks if he and Angela are a better couple than Jim and Pam. Creed is Jim’s stepfather was the joke, but these examples occurred before that.

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Who died from the office?

Ranjit Chowdhry, an actor who appeared in The Office, has died. He was 65.

Is Creed the Scranton Strangler?

Creed is the Scranton Strangler due to the many suggestions that he has killed many times before. Additionally, he killed and assumed the real Creed Bratton’s identity. However, there is no suggestion that he is the Scranton Strangler, only that he has killed many times before.

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