Often asked: Holy saint francis what a change is here?

Who said Holy Saint Francis What a change is here?

Friar Lawrence believes that it is not true love, but lust. Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here! Basically, he is saying that if a young man sees a pretty girl, he is in love! How else could Romeo be sure he loved Rosaline one day, and then sure he loved Juliet the next?

What a change is here is Rosaline?

Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here! Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear, So soon forsaken? Young men’s love then lies Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes. 70 Jesu Maria, what a deal of brine Hath washed thy sallow cheeks for Rosaline!

What does the sweeter rest was mine mean?

Romeo says the Friar’s right—he had a sweeter rest than sleep last night. The Friar takes this to mean that Romeo has finally hooked up with Rosaline, but Romeo is like, “Rosaline who?” He’s not into her anymore. I’ll tell thee ere thou ask it me again. Within thy help and holy physic lies.

What does GREY eyed morn mean?

The first is grey – eyed morn smiles. This description of the morning tells you that it was grey, but it does it in a way that personifies the morning, by giving it eyes. It also personifies the morning by saying that the morning can smile, a way to describe the bright, happy look of a beautiful morning.

Why is not this better than groaning for love?

Why, is not this better now than groaning for love? Now art thou sociable. Now art thou Romeo. Now art thou what thou art—by art as well as by nature, for this driveling love is like a great natural that runs lolling up and down to hide his bauble in a hole.

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What does Saint Francis mean?

He was canonized as a saint just two years after his death, on July 16, 1228, by his former protector, Pope Gregory IX. Today, Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint for ecologists — a title honoring his boundless love for animals and nature.

What is her burying grave that is her womb meaning?

What is her burying grave that is her womb,” In act 2, scene 3, he is talking about the cycle of rebirth—things that are buried bring new life and things that are brought to life also die. The words that he says have a deeper meaning that foreshadows the tragedy at the end of the play.

What does the earth that’s nature’s mother is her tomb mean?

When the Friar speaks of earth being both nature’s mother and it’s grave he is expressing that all of life stems from Earth and returns beck to it in death. Every living thing, starts off here, in this world. Flowers, plants, and animals all alike in beginning the journey of life here.

Did my heart love till now forswear it sight?

In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is at first smitten by the maiden Rosaline, but once he lays eyes on Juliet, Rosaline is history. He says of Juliet, “ Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight, for I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”

Why does Friar Larry do Romeo love Juliet?

Friar Laurence is worried about the sudden way in which Romeo has switched his affections from one woman to another. He is concerned that such fickle behavior does not suggest deep-seated love but mere physical lust, which is also sinful.

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WHO said in one respect I’ll thy assistant be?

Romeo and Juliet Acts I and II Quotes

“In one respect I’ll thy assistant be;/ For this alliance may so happy prove/to turn your household’s rancor to pure love.” Friar Laurence
“But soft! What light through younder window breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!” Romeo

What is the letter that Tybalt sent to Romeo’s father?

Tybalt sends the letter to challenge Romeo to a duel because he is angry that Romeo crashed the party. (He’s a saucy princox). What warning does the nurse give Romeo? She warns him that Paris is also trying to marry Juliet.

What is the main point of Friar Laurence soliloquy?

The Friar’s soliloquy is about the healing power of plants and herbs. However, he also warns that some plants used to heal can also be poisonous. This, of course, foreshadows the tragic events to come by indicating what will happen later on in the play.

What is Friar worried about when he first sees Romeo?

What is Friar Lawrence worried about when he first sees Romeo. That Romeo has slept with Rosaline. That Romeo has run off with Juliet. That Romeo has insulted Capulet.

What warning does the nurse give Romeo?

What warning does the nurse give Romeo? She warns him that he better be serious about what he said about marrying Juliet, or else she will do something bad to him.

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