FAQ: When is sonic happy hour?

Is Sonic half price after 8?

Is Sonic half – price after 8 p.m.? Sonic is not currently running its half – price after 8 p.m. deal. However, the restaurant usually offers this promotion throughout the calendar year.

Is Sonic happy hour every day?

Sonic Happy Hour is every day at Sonic from 2-4 pm and it’s pretty much the best time to stop by Sonic to grab a bite as you’ll score sweet daily happy hour specials like half off slushes, limeades, teas and sodas.

What day is half price cheeseburgers at Sonic?

Here are some great deals you can always find at Sonic Drive-In: Tuesday Night Special: Get 50% off cheeseburgers every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to closing, when you order via its app. Half-Price Shakes: They offer 50% off shakes after 8 p.m. With the deal, get a shake from about $1 to $3, depending on the type and size.

Do you tip at Sonic?

Whether you ‘re a regular at Sonic or another mom-and-pop drive-in, tipping your carhop is up to you. Did they just bring your meal (and drinks) on roller skates with ease? Yup—that’s a tip in our book. Just like with other fast-food restaurants, a tip isn’t expected, but it’s always appreciated.

What flavor is ocean water at Sonic?

But that bright blue stuff called Ocean Water has become a recent favorite for anyone who likes the taste of coconut —it’s like pina colada soda. The server squirts a bit of blue coconut syrup into some cold Sprite. The big secret to duplicating this Sonic Ocean Water recipe at home is re-creating that syrup.

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What is the Route 44 at Sonic?

Next month, Sonic will start selling Red Bull Slushes at its more than 3,600 locations nationwide. Ordering the smallest size means two ounces of Red Bull, while ordering a Route 44 — a 44 -ounce Slush — means the entire can gets poured in.

Does Sonic have a dollar menu?

The new menu includes a variety of items available for a $1 each plus tax, all day, every day. Featured items, which may vary by location include: Jr. Deluxe Burger, Chicken Strip Sandwich, Jr.

How much is a large drink at Sonic?

Sonic Menu Prices

Food Size Price
Soft Drink Small $1.19
Soft Drink Medium $1.69
Soft Drink Large $1.89
Soft Drink Route 44 $2.19

What drinks are included in Sonic happy hour?

Happy Hour Any time: Get 1/2 price Drinks and Slushes every time you order in the SONIC App. Includes Soft Drinks, Iced Teas, Lemonades and Limeades, Ocean Water® and Slushes. Candy, Real Fruit and Flavor Add-Ins cost extra and are not discounted.

Does Sonic still have 1/2 price burgers on Tuesday?

Get 1/2 price cheeseburgers at Sonic Drive-In from 5 pm to close every Tuesday night when you order online or through the app! Add-Ons cost extra. This deal is not valid with Combos/other offers.

What night is Family Night at Sonic?

Sonic Half Price Cheeseburgers on Sonic Family Night, Tuesdays, from 5:00 PM to close when you order in the app. Treat the family to tasty Sonic Cheeseburgers for 50% off the regular price.

Do skating carhops get paid more?

While many locations pay carhops minimum wage, the carhops are technically considered tipped staff, and in some states that means they may earn less than minimum wage under the expectation that tips will supplement the difference.

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Does Sonic give free refills?

Usually waters are free but often soft drinks are charged 50 cents unless it is a route 44 or a slush which are charged full price. Or a manager, if they aren’t strict about it, will give them a free refill but usually if it is accompanied by food.

Do Sonic Carhops get to keep their tips?

Yes, all carhops keep their own tips. Yes, you don’t always get tips from each customer but whatever you make whether it is cash or coins you keep at the end of the night. However you are responsible for any missing cash or fake money that comes in which will be deducted out of your tip pocket.

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