FAQ: When does the good doctor come back on?

Will there be a season 4 of the good doctor?

When The Good Doctor returns in 2021 The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 6 is set to air on ABC on Monday, January 11, 2021, when the show will air in its regular timeslot of 10 p.m. ET.

Why did Dr Melendez leaving the good doctor?

“We wanted to lose a character that we would feel something about, and feel pain about, and certainly, he’s a character that so many of them have been in touch with,” David told the outlet.

Is the good doctor coming back in 2020?

The Good Doctor is officially renewed for a fourth season on ABC. Season 4 of The Good Doctor will premiere on Monday, November 2.

Is Dr Melendez really dead?

Dr. Neil Melendez met an untimely death at the end of The Good Doctor Season 3, succumbing to internal injuries that ultimately proved fatal. It was a really tragic way to go and it was hard for fans to say goodbye to one of the medical drama’s original characters.

Who is leaving the good doctor 2020?

The Good Doctor will be down a great pathologist when it returns for Season 4. Jasika Nicole, who plays Dr. Carly Lever, will not be a series regular moving forward, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Is Nicholas Gonzalez leaving the good doctor?

Gonzalez, meanwhile, said of his exit from the show to TVLine: “It was a creative decision [that] just kind of came at a good time, you know? There’s a lot about this job that I loved and was honored to do, and a lot of that came out of the family that we created behind the scenes.

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Did Melendez love Claire?

Fans of the relationship were given a final moment between the pair as it was Claire who had the final goodbye with the character. In their final scene together, they admitted they loved each other with Claire saying it first.

Do Dr Brown and Dr Melendez get together?

Browne and Melendez did find love together but it was very short-lived. Melendez didn’t make it through the finale because he was internally bleeding. Melendez died after he and Browne confessed their love for one another to each other. Find a full recap and spoilers on the season 3 finale of The Good Doctor here.

Will there be a season 5 of the good doctor?

When will The Good Doctor season 5 be released? Usually, new seasons of The Good Doctor begin in September each year. However, Covid-19 delays meant the show did not air until November in 2020.

Is this the end of the good doctor?

Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) was beginning to understand his role as a supervisor, The Good Doctor announced it’s taking a break. Despite the ABC medical drama’s fourth season premiering only a month ago, there will not be new episodes of The Good Doctor until early next year.

Does Doctor Glassman die?

At least Melendez got a chance to say goodbye to Claire, Lim, and Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) before dying. And thus ended Gonzalez’s final episode as a series regular on the ABC drama. Dramatically, that is what a medical show is all about.

Is Dr Melendez tattoo real?

Nicholas Gonzalez does not have any tattoos. They actually tried to deal with it, and I kind of nixed it a little bit. To me, I feel like there’s a lot more to go. I don’t want to just give some quick little thing to satisfy people [] Nicholas said in an interview with Shine On Media.

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Does Dr Glassman die of cancer?

At the end of Season 1, audiences discovered that Dr. Glassman has brain cancer. The cancer is originally deemed inoperable but turns out to be a low-grade glioma. It’s treatable, but still a sizeable threat to Glassman’s health.

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