FAQ: When did chester bennington die?

What happened to Linkin Park after Chester died?

“ After Chester passed away, I found myself just putting my thoughts into some songs because it’s what I kind of always do when I’m sorting through things – I tend to do it in music or in paintings,” he said of “Post Traumatic’s” early beginnings. “It’s a great way for me to sort through thoughts and emotions.”

Is Linkin Park Dead?

Linkin Park went on a hiatus when longtime lead vocalist Bennington died by suicide in July 2017. In April 2020, bassist Dave Farrell revealed the band was working on new music.

Linkin Park
Also known as Xero (1996–1999) Hybrid Theory (1999–2000)
Origin Agoura Hills, California, U.S.

Will Linkin Park continue without Chester?

Linkin Park’s bassist has revealed that the band are working on ideas for new music. The In The End rockers have been on hiatus since the tragic death of frontman Chester Bennington – who took his own life in July 2017. “So [we’re] working at home a little bit, working up ideas.”

What is the future of Linkin Park?

Mike Shinoda said last year that any future developments with Linkin Park would have to “happen naturally.” Shinoda added in that 2019 interview, “If we find somebody that’s a great person that we think is a good personality fit and a good stylistic fit, then I could see trying to do some stuff with somebody.

What singer killed himself recently?

Singer Chester Bennington, a member of the group Linkin Park, hanged himself in 2017.

Who is Linkin Park’s new singer?

When Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington took his own life in 2017, most fans probably thought they would never hear new music from him again. But this weekend a new album, featuring vocals Chester recorded more than 20 years ago, is being streamed around the world.

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Is Linkin Park an emo band?

Sure their music is emotional but, it’s clear to see that they aren’t emo. They have more of a hard rock/nu-metal feel to them.

What was Linkin Park’s last concert?

Linkin Park had just released their seventh and final album, One More Light, on 19 May and were touring it around the world that year. Their last show saw the band on the UK leg of their tour of the same name, playing Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena on 6 July 2017.

Who will replace Chester Bennington?

He left the band on good terms due to his commitments with Linkin Park in 2015 and was replaced two years later by Jeff Gutt.

Why did Mark Wakefield leave Linkin Park?

Mark Wakefield is the manager for the band Taproot and is the former singer of Xero, the band that would eventually become Linkin Park. The lack of success and stalemate in progress prompted Wakefield, at that time the band’s vocalist, to leave the band in search of other projects.

Why Linkin Park is so popular?

Hybrid Theory, a reference to the group’s rejected band name, was a massive success, becoming one of the biggest debuts of all time, selling about 10 million copies in the U.S. alone and spawning several hit singles like “In the End” and “Crawling.” In the process, the band became one of the most successful acts in the

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