4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Horse

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Horse

Horses are majestic creatures. In fact, they actually are magical creatures depicting diligence, power, loyalty and most appealing of all, glamour. Horses come in different colours, the most common ones being golden brown, white and black or a fine blend of more than one colour. Most of them have a white bushy tail and a mane that runs all the way from the top of their head to their mid back, giving them that royal look. There are different breeds of horses out there ranging from fresian, Arabian, Icelandic, rocky mountain, fell pony and praso fino. The list is endless with each horse bred in different parts of the world.

Many first time owners select a horse that is not right for them. This may eventually turn out unto an unjoyous experience for you and make you miss out on quite a lot. Being sensitive creatures, a lot of factors have to be put into consideration before you purchase any horse.

So what should you consider when buying a horse?


Buying a horse for sure is a serious long-term investment. Everything good comes at a price and horses are absolutely very costly. It is actually a commitment not only in purchasing the horse, but also in maintaining it. For a horse to serve you to its maximum potential, you have to ensure that you take care of it property and this comes at an expense.

First is the housing as you require adequate space and materials to build a home for your horse. Some other things you have to consider are the vet costs, insurance cost, food expenses as well as shoeing and dressing costs.  Here are the monthly expenses you will have to pay to own a horse.


Do you have any experience or interest in horse riding?

Before you even think about buying a horse, the best thing you can do for yourself is consider enrolling for some horse riding experiences. See if you have interest in these creatures and that you are not only buying them for speculation purposes but as an asset to your home.

Type of horse

Do your research on the type of horse you want to purchase. Many people end up buying breeds of horses they do not want. This is a mistake you should not make as it may not guarantee you satisfaction. Different horses react differently to climate besides other challenges that may affect them. It is prudent to know every detail about the horse you wish to buy, its attributes, skill, reflexes, adaptive capabilities as well as size and power.

Training, experience and age

One of the greatest mistake you can ever make as a novice rider is buying a horse that is not trained. This will with no doubt impose a lot of problems to you as the owner and make you even consider giving it away as a better alternative.

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