Selling Your Horse

selling your horse

The decision to sell your horse isn’t one that you come to easily.  This has been a beloved companion but there are dozens of reasons that may make it necessary for you to sell your horse.  You may need a horse that is better able to compete or a bigger horse.  You may not be able to afford your horse and the boarding costs that go with it.  There are plenty of unavoidable circumstances that force you to sell your horse, but that doesn’t make that decision any easier.

Now that you have come to the decision that you need to sell your horse, you need to make the deal appealing to any potential buyers that are out there.  You might even consider leasing your horse or you could even donate it to a summer camp teaching kids to ride.  Those aren’t available to everyone as an owner so you may have to do a straight sale of your horse.  Here are some things to look at with any potential buyer.

Day to Day Care

Horses are high maintenance animals and they need daily care to make sure they stay in good physical and mental health.  The sole responsibility for their care is going to be on your shoulders.  You need to make sure that your horse gets enough exercise and attention.  If this isn’t something you can do yourself then you need to board them somewhere where they can get that level of attention.  If you can’t give your horse the love and attention it deserves then you need to find someone who can.


Finances are often a reason why people are forced to sell their horses.  Don’t wait too long to sell, don’t force your horse to live without the benefit of high quality food, or visits to a qualified vet.  Make sure that anyone you are contemplating selling to is in a position to afford to look after your horse.

Make Sure They Can Handle Your Horse

Selling your horse to someone without the experience to properly handle your horse isn’t a good idea.  Horses are sensitive creatures and you need someone that is at ease around them and can make the horse feel comfortable.  An inexperienced rider or someone who is frightened of horses will make a bad experience for both the new owner and the horse.

Being forced to sell your horse can be stressful enough without worrying about whether or not they went to a good home.  Choose the buyer for your horse carefully and make sure that your beloved companion has a great home.

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